Thursday, June 22, 2006


Song of Solomon 2:16
My lover is mine and I am his
I will be brief today as I want to scoot away to Painters group - most likely my last time this year. I created this element with black in the inner parts so you can use it two ways. You can either select the black middle part with your magic wand and delete it, then insert your own pics behind the locket, or you can select the middle black parts, copy, paste on a new layer and then use the middle shapes as a TEMPLATE for cutting out your photos, to fit in. If this is french to you, you may want to wander over to and seek out a tutorial for this. They have so many wonderful tutorials!
I also would like to leave the following links for you moms and grand - moms, who will be needing to find things to do with the young children you come in charge with over the summer:
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
HOW TO MAKE PAPER AIRPLANES (who can't want to make paper airplanes? this young fella (like 12 yrs old) has created his own set of step-by-step online videos to walk you through!)
FAMILY FUN - a veritable wealth of good ideas for all ages of kids (but don't YOU dare have a good time yourself doing it with them lol! )
Chances are good that during the summer you carry lip balm with you already. If so there are many ways you can use that lip balm other than on your lips! You can use it to:
a) prevent windburn
b) remove a stuck ring
c) groom wild eyebrows (yeah they get unruly if you waterski, I bet!)
d) smother shaving cuts
e) lubricate a sticky zipper
f) carpenter's helper - rub some on screws and nails before putting in and they will go in easier
g) slick a lightbulb - rub some lip balm on the threads to prevent sticking and make removal easier - specially outdoor bulbs!
h) if its a medicated lip balm, rub some on your temples to dispell a headache


  1. Beautiful heart charms, thank you! I like the interesting tips re lip balm too and now off to check out those websites - I have my 7yo granddaughter staying with me for a week soon, so looking for fun things to do. :)

  2. Love all the tips. Thanks for helping us!

  3. this heart is very neat - thanks for reminding me to check in. ... sorry i left abruptly- my laptop powered down!

  4. Great locket! Thanks so much.

  5. love the locket Barb...and some really good tips ..thank so much

  6. AnonymousJune 24, 2006

    Thank you Barb for all these fun sites.. will go visit for sure. XXX Valerie


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