Monday, March 02, 2015

Simon Card, 365 photo & a FREEBIE cutting file!

365 Photo for today (and a lovely poem to bring a smile as well)





Happiness is like a crystal,

Fair and exquisite and clear,

Broken in a million pieces,

Shattered, scattered far and near.

Now and then along life’s pathway,

Lo! Let some shining fragments fall;

But there are so many pieces

No one ever finds them all.


You may find a bit of beauty,

Or an honest share of wealth,

While another beside you

Gathers honor, love or health.

Vain to choose or grasp unduly,

Broken is the perfect ball;

And there are so many pieces

No one ever finds them all.


Yet the wise as on they journey

Treasure every fragment clear,

Fit them as they may together,

Imagining the shattered sphere,

Learning to be ever thankful,

Though their share of it is small;

For it has so many pieces

No one ever finds them all.

~ Priscilla Leonard



Simon Says Stamp Monday Card Challenge – Clover (I decided to go with the clover itself)


I chose to keep my card super simple with the clover (guess a shamrock counts, though I didn’t take the time to check if they are one and the same)  I used hunted and pecked through my stamps to find what I wanted to say.  The LUCKY is composed of individual letters from a Ki alphabet stamp set, the YOU’RE was 1/2 of a sentiment stamp from Michael Strong’s “Cloisonne Words and Phrases” (do you ever use just a partial portion of a stamp for your projects?)  and the MY FRIEND is from Stampendous.

And the lucky four leaf clover / aka shamrock is my own design. It’s a two layered cutting file and by gosh since I took the time to design it I may as well share it with you to enjoy as well.  The top layer has fold lines made into it so you can prop the petals up to look 3d.  (the reason mine is shiny is because I spritzed it with Goosebumps after I cut it)



Personal Use


(please let me know if you have any problems downloading my files)


  1. Hi, Barbara, I love your beautiful simple card. The shamrock is gorgeous. :)

  2. Simply wonderful Barbara! That 4 leaf clover looks fantastic! Thanks for joining along with the Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge!

  3. It is a lovely file, but I am clicking on the download button & nothing is happening.

  4. Lovely card and clover! You are so sweet to share your cut file. I love that the top layer has a fold down the middle!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your four leaf clover with me.:)

    I don't feel lucky you are my friend..I feel BLESSED!! <3


  6. Love your card. simple is usually better. Thank you sharing all of your wonderful pictures with us.

  7. Very cute card, I love the shamrock. Thanks so much for the cut file.


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