Wednesday, March 04, 2015

365 Photo(s) of the Day

It was a lazy old no ‘real’ camera day for me but I managed to snap a few shots with my iPhone.


I mail.

Well I do like email, but I’m talking about real paper FOR ME, in an actual mail box, delivered by a flesh and blood person.  Specifically, not flyers (don’t get any) nor bills (those seem to populate most of my mailbox days) but letters that are written to me.  From my Compassion child, or family, or friends. 

I can never quite decide whether I want to just rip it open (thus some people who know me well add statements which read like a finger shake “wait till the day”) or do I wait until I get in the house to open – calmly, after making a coffee and all that. 

Do you like getting letters?  Do you write them? 



This scene captured my attention through the windowas I saw the light reflecting on a candle holder on the dining room table. I decided it would make a wonderful little moment as a photo.



big Sad smile here…

Mr Miles has beaten me at Scrabble a gazillion times lately.  As you can very well see.  One more loss and my name shall not appear at all.  He wears his glory and wisdom with such merriment, such glee.  I hear great echos of “Suck it Up, Buttercup”



  1. Good morning Barb.:)
    I'm BACKKKK.LOL I LOVE your photos of your shadow!
    I don't get many letters in the *snail mail* these days.:) Mostly bills and fliers etc. I do get many texts etc.from family on my phone though. Even from my soon to be 86 year old Mama.hehe
    Your photo of the light shining on your candle holder is AWESOME! Picture perfect moment.:)
    Jim won't play games with me..because during our years together..I have won too many of them.LOL Christy and I play scrabble once in a while though and she offers a bigger challenge to me.:) Keeps my head from swelling.LOL


  2. You will win sister dear dear, put on your scrabble thinking cap :). Beautiful photos.


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