Wednesday, March 18, 2015

365 Photo(s) of the Day (More Steamboat Rock)

So today we will set off on the next leg of our little vacation weekend.  On Saturday morning we spent a leisurely morning (that means reading in bed for me) before we headed our little “Frisky” the Fiat toward the south. 


As you can see, it wasn’t a particularly sunny day, nor was it wet, either.  Somehow the roads down here always seem like a long drawn out ribbon and I like how they wend past all of the beautiful cliffs and rock formations.


In some places it was so arresting, the pale gold grasses waving against a turquoise blue water.


There are many Public Fishing pullouts along the highways in Washington State – something we rarely see here in BC.  I mean if there are fishing spots up here it seems its like you have to look it up, while there in the USA  they post actual signs saying “Public Fishing” so you know its ok to fish there.  Granted some of these places require a Discover Pass.

Doesn’t that fish kinda make you think of something prehistoric?  I don’t know what kind it was – any guesses?

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