Sunday, March 15, 2015

365 Photo of the Day and a Fun Project

365 Photo of the Day


Have you ever seen one of these? 

A Fun Project

Turning THIS:


I wish I’d taken a photo of this before I snipped it up into bits… this is was a t-shirt I bought at the thrift store.  I kept looking at it thinking I wanted it.  I caved in and bought and kept trying it on over the next few days and finally thought, no, its “not me”.  So I went to put it back in the box destined to go back to the thrift store, but my hand wouldn’t let me.  That night I couldn’t get to sleep for thinking of what I wanted with that t-shirt and it finally came to me.  And this is the result!




A lot of watered down glue, tissue paper, glitter, gems, sequins, Tim Holtz alcohol inks and stamps and this is what my creation is made of.  I love it, it was very freeing.  I made several of these canvases, a few I’ve already given as gifts and need to recall them so I can take proper photos of and share them here.  This canvas was given as a draw prize at my OCC Women’s Fellowship Coffee, held at McKia’s (in the Best Western) at 1:00 each Thursday here in Osoyoos.  You’re all welcome to join us!

Have YOU ever re-purposed a clothes item into art?

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