Thursday, April 28, 2011

Twitterpated Robin

I kept hearing something "tapping" at the window yesterday and I'd keep peeking outside until I realized it was this Robin. 

It would hop from the top of the cedar to the ground where it would gobble up worms as if it were a spaghetti feast.  But that did not explain the tapping sound.  So, I snuck quietly back into the shadows of the house...

And next thing you know, Robin is looking right in at me! 

But I only flatter myself, for Robin was in love with it's reflection and it spent the entire afternoon fluttering up and down against the glass.  Narcissistic little thing!


  1. WOW Barb!! What COOL pics!!! You couldn't have asked for a better pose!!:)Narcissistic...hehe!! Thanks so much for sharing your pics with us.LOVE them!!

    Love and hugs,

  2. what awesome pictures...way to go Robin...and Barb you did a great job sneaking up...have a great weekend.


  3. Fabulous pictures sis, I think Robin just did not want you to know he was infatuated with you and when he was caught he faked his reflection love :). Barb the bird whisper it has a nice warble to it don't you think.

  4. lol, this is a territorial response. The robin thinks it is another robin and is warning it off...I have had robins throw themselves into my living room window and knock themselves out cold!

  5. Spring fever is in the air!! Thats sooooo cool!!WOW look at your pic's Dear! And your cards!!!
    Awesome Barb!!

  6. Great robin pics - our robins seem a bit cubbier than yours!

    Did you see any of the Royal Wedding today? We are just back up from Galway and watched the highlights this evening.


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