Monday, April 11, 2011

Mojo 186, Spring Cleanin' (challenge ya!) and Congrats Penny - new album, concerts!

Where DOES the time go?  It's a pretty challenging time in my life, loads of GOOD stuff (or should I make that GOD stuff) going on.  I'm so grateful to be used (to the maximum!) at this time in my life.  I'll fill you in a little as I write up here but firstly I always carve out a few moments on Mondays to take part in the Mojo Monday carding project because It's become a family affair.  Yep, if you look to the right to my "family" links you can find Mojo-ers all present.  K, Neti does not exactly do cards but she makes yummies and that counts, don't ya think?  Besides, there's always a need for a card so this is a terrific way to take care of a couple of birds at once (however that saying goes - I don't want to be killing birds, though some people would not question that if it were a juicy delicous bird) 

I have been quivering to use this piece of "quilted" puffy cardstock Nina gave me.  The person I'm giving it to is into quilting so this is perfect.  I decided to get all experimenty. 

I really want to find unique uses for pattern papers because they are plentiful and I think they are so interesting.  At the thrift store they cost pennies - why, for a while the ladies were using them to wrap dishes in when they sold.  I fear that one day we will all be very sad because the vintage designs would have been fun to actually use to sew clothes.  Are we tossing away treasures just because they are plentiful?  At any rate, I snipped a square section, stamped it with the Happy Birthday Sentiment - it did not turn out dark enough so drew around it with a black fine tipped marker, then colored it in with felts.  Then I inked up the edges, stamped color on the white rick rack to match. 

The flower is Wild Saffron from K&Company.  Plain twine, touched with ink.  Stamp is TPC celebration series.  Yeh, I had fun making this.  And Louise (FREE Easter Card here), yes, one day when I find my hands idle (I think that happened a few years ago one time) I will do a tut on the pattern flower I made last week.  It was a pretty messy process as I recall. 

Life is pressin' and squeezin' me at the moment, all GOOD like I mentioned above.  You only see about 10% of whats going on my life at any one time, but bits will shine through here over the next months.  One thing is I will be teaching digital art and painting part time for the local school district to grade students - I'm SO excited about this!  I'll keep you posted on that. 

And so, this might sound like an extra thing, but its not... I've begun to take part in a "series" - workshop, whatever one might care to call it all to do along the lines of spring cleaning etc.  Because I've got so many varied things on the cooker I need to get organized.  My Mother in Law visits in a month and its always my goal to have all that stuff taken care of so that we can simply enjoy our time together.  So I decided to take part in the "Simply Your Life" workshop series, available for FREE at  

This series is hosted by Marcia Ramsland who is a well known professional organiser and the Moody/Midday  gals - Anita and Melinda.   The workshop is available by looking at the "past programs" archive, beginning in January.  So far there are 7 parts... I'm still on the first.  You can listen to each of the 1 hour sessions as the ladies discuss what you are to do in each one.  You just tune into the session you want, click the LISTEN button and thats it, you can work away while you listen to the free audio podcasts!  AND bonus, there are free worksheets/information checklist.   They are based in scripture - a great way to marry bible study with everyday chores!   Also, if you belong to facebook then you can go and look at the pictures posted of befores/afters by others who have taken this challenge. 

I'm loving it, so far its only doing a few, managable cupboards a day - I do it while I listen to the news, or right after I do the dishes, and it takes less than 1/2 hour to do each cupboard.  I've been using my iphone to take before/after pics which I'm putting in a (private) web album, but if you were to take part I might be bribed for an invite.  The photos are pretty dramatic and give me a great sense of satisfaction.  Here's a sneak peek of ... the dreaded junk drawer.  ( how does it get this way???) 

I was able to downsize some items, weed out duplicates too.  I can lay my hands on the items I need right away.  What a great feeling.  (yep, open/closing drawers to beam over them) 

I invited my friend Cicero to join me and she's been going great guns as well (no pics, mind you) and its so fun to compare our days.  I also invited our church to take part too - we will see who is able to take me up on this.  I think many people, who were busy like me, wonder how on earth they would fit this in on top of all the "to do" list I have... well, if you listen to the first program you will understand that by doing this you will make it all easier.  Marcia is going to cover everything from organizing your household to doing your vehicle right to managing your time!  I don't know about you but I need someone to hold my hand/show me how!  I'm so utterly grateful for this resource.   Let me know if you take part and we can compare notes and inspire others.  Check out Marcia's website to get an overview of what this is all about!  You know you wanna! 

Lastly, I just have to TOOT here about my friend Penny Buhr Johnson who is just putting out her latest CD, has won more awards through the Canadian Gospel Music Association and is on TOUR in BC at the moment.  She will be appearing in Kimberley, Cranbrook and Fernie ... if you just happen to be in that area say a BIG hello for me!  Congrats Penny! 

Oh, so I lied  to you, there is one more thing.  Go vote for my friend JanMary (giveaway here too!) , won't you?  She's got an amazing jewellery design and photography blog over in Ireland, and she is eligable in several categories of a contest. (links on right of post)   If you have not done a random (or intentional for that matter) act of kindness today, this could be it!  I know she would be delighted. 

Really really going now. 

(ducking) I just found one more thing but you will like it, trust me. 

You can click HERE to sign up and request free samples of good "stuff" from Proctor and Gamble.  This is the Canadian site, but I am almost certain there is a US version if you hunt about online!  Happy Sampling!


  1. Fabulous card Barb, love the bright colours. I think it is great that you are getting all organized. I can't wait to see more pictures. Will your house be empty when I visit??

  2. WOW Barb..where do I start?:)
    hmmmm..let me see...
    Your card is sooo COOL!!! and I bet your quilter friend will just LOVE it!:)
    I know you are sooo busy and your time is soo appreciated friend!I too seem to be busy a lot lately.Who would have thought that life got busier the older we get?LOL
    I have already organized my drawers..but once in a while they need an update.hehe When you have four people and some of them aren't tend to have to go behind them and straighten.KWIM?:)I could use a closet organizer though.I took several things out the other day and stored them in the I could fill that shelf with something different.LOL I really think I need to downsize.That would most likely help me a LOT.:)Your program sounds interesting and worth taking a look.I like how your drawer looks after the trays were put in.Don't they help a lot?:)
    About the free samples.Christy did that not too long ago..but I think the mail lady liked some of them..cause they stopped coming.LOL I wouldn't put it past her to put them in the wrong box.Would you believe she delivered Jimmy's income tax return to an elderly man down the street and he walked up the hill to our house..using a cane to give it to him? How sweet of him!! We need a new mail lady though..don't you think?:)
    So happy you are gonna teach digital art and painting.I can imagine your excitement!:)I know this is something you LOVE!!
    Well..I have just about commented as long as your post this morning so I guess I will save room for someone else to comment.LOL

    Hope you have a FANTASTIC day my friend! LOVED chatting with you!!:)


  3. Hello there girlfriend... I have been so busy, but I wanted to stop by and say hi.. I have been loving your blog.. love the cards. I love the idea of organizing. Robert and I are going to take a week and go to Arizona.. we rented a house with a pool.. and we are just going to enjoy the heat, the pool, each other and more sun.

  4. Great job on your card Aunty Barb...the quilted paper looks like something else...never seen that before. Great thinking on the old sewing i have said before "you are so thrifty" its wonderful and you are so creative.
    So i had to sit this one out this week but with everything packed and between boot camp and washing walls there really is no time for crafting :)
    I hope you are having a wonderful week and i look forward to get back Mojo 'n' here in a couple weeks.

    Sending lots of love and a big hug :)

  5. what a fan and fabulous card...have a super week!

    enjoy *~*

  6. awesoem card Barb...still trying to figure out a card...thanks for the link to free stuff you never know when you might need a sample to see if you like it. I know how busy you are girl...God Bless you ...have a great week and weekend.


  7. You'll be an amazing teacher - you've taught me lots over the past few years!

    Sounds a great course - I might need to look into that.

    Thanks for the shout out - you're the best!

  8. Hello lovely lady!

    Just stopping by for a quick visit to say I've been thinking about you, missing your talented and artistic posts, fabulous shares and I can see here that your talents are going to be used yet again in teaching classes! WOOT, WOOT ... YEAH! You GO girl!

    I am jotting a note to myself to go over and vote for JanMary! The Irish blood in me will not rest until I do so! :P

    Uhm, Barb, I simply cannot contain my giggling over here as I gander upon your "junk" drawer. It only serves to remind me that I have a drawer that looks very much like yours with one, somewhat, minor difference. It is my ONLY drawer! Yes, I kid you not. Our kitchen boasts of but ONE small drawer, which is where I keep our silverware and various utensils used on a regular basis! ROFL! Not too many ways I can re-organize this blessed drawer I am afraid, but I am so very thankful to have it!

    Take care sweetness and may you enjoy every moment of the upcoming weekend!

    Love and hugs,
    Linda :D

  9. Good morning Barb:)
    Just stopped back in to say hi and let you know I haven't forgotten you!!!:)Busy busy!!



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