Monday, November 10, 2008

Ah - its another rain, rain day here in our supposedly "Sunny Okanagan" - but no worries, we have friends coming for dinner, nice day to tuck up inside, go a little extravagant with the menu. I've decided to share my Pink Lady and Cranberry Pie recipe, which I created last week. Seems like a good thing to do. You can view and drool first, download the recipe in PDF format after!

I used Pink Lady Apples - we live in orchard country here. Pink Ladies are nice, crisp - and long keepers. To me, they taste like fizzy ginger ale on my tongue. Pink Lady apples are the first to blossom, the last to pick. If you would like to learn more about these apples you can visit the Pink Lady website in the UK by clicking HERE.

Shredded apples and cranberries.

I decided to shred the apples - try something new. It works well, makes for a nice, dense pie.

Golden sprinkles

I chose to roll in some of the nice big demerara sugar crystals
in my top crust.

I always seem to choose the muffins
that have big sugar crystals when I go to Tim Hortons.

Strip It!

I used the crinkly edge on my pastry wheel
to make an interesting edge on my lattice.

Butter it!

Can't resist the thought of
fresh, creamery butter
melting down inside the apples.

No skimping!

Once there's plenty of butter
'dotting the landscape'
then, its time to bring the pastry edges in.
then you won't get an apple 'river'
flowing over the pie's edge.

Bake it!

Ah, how I wish I could embed
the HEAVENLY smells going on.

Top it!

Why not make some homemade
while your pie bakes?

Its as easy - AS PIE!

I found out about this recipe once
through my friend Gina.

BTW - I make it the MICROWAVE method,
faster - safer.

Microwave Method: Pour 1 can condensed milk into 2 quart glass measure. cook on 50 % power (medium) for 4 minutes, stirring briskly every 2 minutes until smooth. cook on 30% power (medium-low) 12-18 minutes ot until very thick and caramel colored, stirring briskly every 2 minutes until smooth.

PS - I added a tad of molasses to darken the color a bit,
after it was done.
And, I had to thin it a bit with milk,
when I topped the whip cream for the pie.

(click to drool - MUCH LARGER!)

download PDF recipe sheet
by clicking the little button, left-top below:

Barbs Cranberry Pink Lady Pie
Get your own at Scribd or explore others:


Oh, if you make this, I'd LOVE to see!

Another note - if your spices are sitting for a long time, you might try what I do to 'revive' the flavor a bit. I keep a coffee grinder specially for grinding spices, herbs. So, I take the spices called for in the recipe and give them a whirl for a few moments together in the grinder. It seems to release the flavors all over again. Could be my imagination...


Just a few thoughts to help your Monday along:

"Though the winds are wild,
And the gale unleashed,
My trusting heart still sings:
I know that they mean
No harm, to me,
HE rideth on their wings."

Fear not, little flock;
for it is your Father's good pleasure
to give you the kingdom.

~ Luke 12:32

The limitlesss resources of God are able
to meet our deepest needs.

"And my God will meet all your needs
according to his glorious riches
in Christ Jesus."

Phillipians 4:19


Won't you please pray today for:

For poverty around the globe
For our troops - and Veterans, as we ponder their sacrifices.
Gina - for a new job for her husband
For Dave, a brother of our friend - who's had cancer related surgery
Our Dad -who's recovering from knee replacement surgery


  1. the new recipe looks awesome ..has always ...I just might have to try it out. sure missing you ...maybe one day this week we will connect..


  2. The pie looks delicious. I love the scriptures! It is so good to know that we don't have to worry because God will meet our needs. And I will definitely be praying. Thank you for the reminder to pray for our soldiers. That is so important.

    Have a great week, my friend!

  3. The pie looks "to die for" delicious! I just made apple pie this weekend, but it didn´t look nearly as good as yours. Will try it sometime.
    I will pray for you Dad. Hope he gets better soon. My FIL had the same surgery last year and is walking without pain now.

  4. Do I see a Barb Derksen cookbook in the near future??? Hmmmm??? Or should that be .... MMMMMMM!!!

    PINK LADY has my vote and looks BEYOND delish in your MAGNIFICENT photography darlin'! WOO HOO - no need to send out the aroma, I have found on my own!!! LOL! How is that for an imagination? He, he ...

    My VERY dear friend Carole has had a knee replacement this year after having a hip replacement last year, from which I have become a bit educated on the subject.

    I pray your dad has a smooth, quick and non-eventful recovery. I also hope he is able to experience those things that he has missed due to a troubled knee - ouch, hurts just to think about.

    You have yourself a MOST glorious week Mrs. Miles!!!

    Love atcha girlie,
    Linda :)

  5. hey barb, i sure miss talking to you and reading your comments. i finally posted some tree pics. hope to talk to you soon. you need to express mail me some of that pie. haha. miss you. i cherish your friendship greatly.


  6. hey barb,
    i found the website for the B&B we stayed at, here ya go.

  7. Oh my i'm drooling over that pie :) It looks wonderful!!

  8. oh man that pie looks, mmm ... mmmm...mmmmmmmmm

    Sorry didnt update today girl, running around doing mommy things! Sis's 8th bday is tomorrow, and Im running around like a chicken with my head cut off! She wants a party but not till Saturday, so Im kind of planning double, since I WANT to do something ON her birthday, dang it! 18 lil girls invited for spending the night Saturday! OY!!!


    Will try to blog before bed, I havent decided if I will put that bookshelf on my blog or not. I already have the Library thing one on there.... still deciding. LOL...

    will hollar after the kids conk out!


  9. Hello Mrs Miles, your apple pie looks so mouth watering, PinkLadies are the most expensive apples over here, I can imagine them tasting good in a pie, as they are a lot more tangier than most eating apples. I usually buy them as a treat.

  10. Good Morning Barb:)
    MMMMMMMM that pie looks yummy!:)You do such gorgeous work on your baking.Must be the artist in you.:)
    I stopped by again last night but wasn't able to leave a message cause Jim needed to go to bed early so he could get up early this morning.Sale day at the store!:)So...I popped in as soon as I could this morning.!
    I will be praying for those on your list and your Dad and his recovery.My Mom had knee replacement surgery a couple of years or so ago.She is doing fantastic!! Just make sure your Dad does the therapy.!! Very important!! Mom made sure she did all of them and walks and does everything she wants to now.:)
    Have a wonderful day!Don't eat all of that pie in one sitting.LOL


  11. That pie looks amazing - almost worth flying over from Ireland to taste it - at to see you of course!


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