Sunday, July 13, 2008


Here’s another QuickPage made from my latest kit, Peppermint and Polka Dots. I’d planned this one for the blog at the Sophia Shop, but it never made it there... I kept looking and looking – so I’ve decided to launch it here instead. You can still pick my kit up, and being tomorrow is Monday, (Monday Madness, we’ve got to give you something to look forward to!) it’s offered at a reduced price. Just click HERE.

Happy Graduation Melissa!

My Sister In Law Judy created this lovely layout using my P&P Kit.

THANK YOU so much for sharing Judy!

I'm so proud to see how you use my 'stuff'!

I’ve been busy helping clean up after the recent windstorm. A fully grown Ponderosa Pine had crashed into the orchard, wiping out a half dozen apple trees. The orchardists are having their share of trials this year – many lost much of their fruit two weeks ago in the lightening storm. There is evidence of this last windstorm everywhere. I spent a good hour washing up our back porch and windows. I have a hummingbird feeder hanging just outside, and the wind set it to swinging violently. By the time Miles reached it, there was sugar water EVERYWHERE. It had glazed the windows, table, siding – even the clothes I’d had hanging on the rack. I had ants trying to visit BEFORE this, well, now it was smorgasbord. So, I attacked it with a bucket of water and vinegar. There was tree debris all over in the carpet, so it got a good vacuum. Well at least everything is nice and sparkling clean now.

As we drive to town I see an entire plastic greenhouse flattened, branches lying on the sides of the road and generally things where they should not be. I hear tell of fences of beachside houses being destroyed and of boats flipping and sinking. Boats which were firmly anchored have found themselves migrated several hundred feet down the lakeshore. There was much damage at some local parks too. I’m sure we will be seeing sign for quite a while.

So my hummingbirds were disrupted for a while. There have been so many this year. I sometimes have five birds fighting at one time to get at the feeder. I’m considering putting up a second one to lessen the ‘road rage’ happening. It was so amazing, the other day I saw one perched on the feeder and it was flicking its tongue in and out. Have you ever seen this? Their tongues are really long!

flick'r photo by joeysplanting

We have a new addition to our little natural micro-community on our patio – a baby praying mantis. I saw two cocoons hidden underneath the handrail by the steps last fall – shortly after a large mantis had taken up residence in a Cedar. Then, just the other day, we were greeted by the cutest little brilliant green, inch-long baby mantis. Its incredible how alert they are, and sensitive to movement. It’s trusting enough to crawl on me. I’ll have to try to capture a photo or two here to share. This does mean though, we have to be careful when entering and exiting the house, as I’ve caught it hanging out right in the middle of the doorway.

Well, I’m heading to Church this morning. We’ve been unable to attend for the past few weeks, so this will be like coming home. I hope you have a good Sunday. I’m going to put my nose down this week to design so come back to see what I’ve been up to! I may re-post some of my old goodies here during the week for giveaway.

If God can send a storm through space;
And dot with trees the mountain's face,
If He the sparrow's course can trace,
What can He do for you?

If God can hang the stars on high,
Can paint the clouds that drift on by,
Can send the sun across the sky,
What can He do for you?

If God can send us sunny days,
And nature from her slumber raise
Till song birds lift their notes of praise,
What can He do for you?

If God can do these many things,
Can count each little bird that sings,
Control the universe that swings,
What can He do for you?

If God can bring sweet peace to me
And to my soul bring liberty.
By Christ who hung upon the tree,
This He can do for you.

by G.E. Wagoner

Where you'll find me in the long afternoon hours...


  1. Hope you enjoyed your sunday service.

    We went to a lovely church this morning - only problem it was at 9.30! However we were on the beach flying kites by 11am.

    Watch out for those storms :)

  2. Just in case someone forgot to...♥THANK YOU♥ is BIG ONE from me!! Great stuff, I’m linking you!!
    Suzee Q's Stuff

  3. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 14 Jul [LA 02:21am, NY 04:21am, UK 09:21am, OZ 07:21pm]).

  4. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    I stumbled onto your blog from another. I have read several of your posts and adding your link! I love that poem, it is so very true. The pictures from the storm were unbelievable! I hope you get everything cleaned up and all is okay!

  5. Ok Mrs Miles, who's life is crazy??- hee hee. Fire, storms?- Goodness you should tell the news room you will be their freelance journalist girl! WOW, that storm looked nasty! Glad you are ok though!
    AWESOME PICS - it felt like I was there watching it.
    Do you know that the men in this house are scared to DEATH of a praying mantis! I've had to remove one from the bathroom curtains not so long ago- or someone WOULDN'T use that toilet- LOL. Yeah it was Wayne- I have to do the same with spiders too-
    Thanks for my poem!! You are tooo goood GF! LOVED IT!
    smooches and hugs

  6. thanks for having the patiences to teach me ..and then me being able to use your aweosme kits ...I love them ..Barb you are so talented ...and the storm pictures were awesome ...yes these storms lately have been something else and miss you sis

  7. I had always wondered what those things were, and now I know they're praying mantis pods? They are 'the good guys'. I hope I haven't destroyed too many thinking they were something vile. oops.
    FYI about the humming birds? They are VERY territorial. It won't matter if you get another feeder. I have two now, and have had 3 in the past. They still fight over them. Rarely I've had 3 all feed at once, but that is, well, rare. They love to hang out on their favorite perch, my tomato cage, and watch for 'invaders' to fight off. LOL They are funny, and yes, they have very long tongues! Love your picture of the lake! Ahhhh.

  8. The new kit is fabulous! And I love all the photos. Great work my friend!

  9. I would love to see a pic of your praying mantis, if you get one, and how about the humming birds, I guess that one is a bit of a tall order unless you have an instant hide you can put up!
    And i could just sit at your beach too,,the pic is beautiful, looks calm and peaceful, mmmmm... I expect it wasn't like that earlier.


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