Wednesday, July 09, 2008

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credits: Summer Wedding QP by Linda

The lovely Quick Page I used for Nina's card came from Linda isn't it beautiful? Its still available on her blog, if you scoot on over you can download it for your own special wedding layouts! (and many more smashing giveaways as well!) Also, even tho its my day to celebrate our Sister's anniversary, I would like to thank Linda for giving me the following award, along with her sweet sentiments:

"Barb is a VERY talented designer who follows her passion and LOVES life! Barb is also a FAMOUS Italian designer aka Olivia Dorazio over at Sophia Sarducci's who has recently created some GORGEOUS paper bag pins for us to sport on our blogs declaring our heritage. Thus far, you will find Canada, Ireland and the USA!!! You will see mine located on my sidebar! Thanks Barb!"

THANK YOU, Linda, I'm BLUSHING, I'm honored, and I will try, but cannot promise to "award-forward" when I'm able. Just so durn busy!

It's our Sister's Anniversary - seems just yesterday you pledged your hearts to one another. Our wish for you is for an extra special celebration of this the promise you made to each other on this day, those years ago. I'm praying your bond, which excludes all others, has made your lives together richer. The promise you will choose the same path to travel, forever. There's something so noble and majestic in the simplicity of submitting to each other, completely. May God bless your continuing years together.

My Sister in Law Judy also has a GORGEOUS card (using one of KIMB's QP's) on her blog to celebrate as well. Just click HERE.

Wherever you go, I will go;
Wherever you live, I will live.
Your people will be my people,
And your God will be my God.

Ruth 1:6

And a poem, for you, today, Nina and Mike:


When I behold how some pursue
Fame, that is Care's embodiment
Or fortune, who's false face looks true,
- An humble home with sweet content
Is all I ask for me and you.

As humble home, where pigeons coo,
Whose path leads under breezy lines
Of frosty-berried cedars to
A gate, one mass of trumpet-vines,
Is all I ask for me and you.

A garden, which all summer through,
The roses old make redolent,
And morning-glories, gay of hue,
And tansy, with its homely scent,
Is all I ask for me and you.

An orchard, that the pippins strew,
From whose bruised gold the juices spring;
A vineyard, where the grapes hang blue,
Wine-big and ripe for the vintaging,
Is all I ask for me and you.

A lane that leads to some far view
Of forest or of fallow-land,
Bloomed o'er with rose and meadow-rue,
Each with a bee in its hot hand,
Is all I ask for me and you.

At morn, a pathway deep with dew;
And birds to vary time and tune;
At eve, a sunset avenue,
And whippoorwills that haunt the moon,
Is all I ask for me and you.

Dear heart, with wants so small and few,
And faith, that's better far than gold,
A lowly friend, a child or two,
To care for us when we are old,
Is all I ask for me and you.

by Madison Cawein


  1. Morning Barb! Remember to whistle while you work!! It apparently helps you get your work done :P or so goofy says.

    Thank you for your lovely blog comments! I am so glad to know you and I look forward to the day you and miles can visit us in England! I can only imagine the pictures you would take and turn into amazing scrapbooking pieces.

    God is Good! I run the Gelato today till 7 so say a prayer for me since I'm feeling a little under the weather! God Bless!!!

  2. AWW that is stunning! The poem and the LO and Judy's is BEAUTIFUL too!

    Wayne and I are going on 19 years this year- sheeee's it feels like yesterday actually ( which is a good thing-LOL). He promised to take me ski-ing on our 10th - well I'm still waiting, but now that I'm older I don't think I could move with all the clothes I would have to wear to keep warm-no?- bwahahaha

    And yeah- Nathan will only get his camera for Christmas- he can still play with the old one for now- but I'm really thrilled he has taken so much interest in photography. Maybe I'll look into some extra classes for him next year that he can go to after school.
    Well my friend- thank you for having coffee with me this evening! It felt like it and I loved it!
    Have a great week and I'll chat to you on the weekend. ( too much going on till then-LOL)
    Luvs ya tons

  3. Beautiful Barb... How are you doing? We are having a beautiful day here at the beach.

  4. awesome card for Mike and Nina ...and the words of Linda are so true Barb follow your heart and lean on the Lord ...and are a blessing to us all the verses....
    And thanks Barb for showing me how to grow and to the friends you have encourage me to meet while you have taught me so much about scrappbooking ...(thanks KimB for all your help to ).you have a great day ..and talk to you later..
    love you a bunch

  5. Thank you sis for the beautiful Anniversary wishes and the wonderful layout, as always you have out done yourself.

  6. This page is just beautiful and so very thoughtful of you! You are such a beautiful person! I will have to go check out the shop you are now in! Congrat's to a very deserving designer!!

    I wanted to let you know that I have some photo frames and overlays on my blog (if I still don't do some scrapping today I'll probably have other special stuff posted tomorrow!)

    Hugs and I pray many more wonderful things to come your way!


  7. Barb, you are just the SWEETEST and what a LOVELY surprise for Nina and Mike as they CELEBRATE many years of LOVE and partnership!!!

    You HAVE been a busy girl!!! NO worries about passing the award on - there is NO deadline. All things in their proper time!

    Thank you for such a LOVELY showcasing of my *Summer Wedding* scapatit - Nina and Mike are a VERY beautiful couple.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new *Peppermints and Polka Dots!!! DELISH!

    My daughter is here and off visiting Kaleb and his mommy and daddy! So WONDERFUL to have her here and her boyfriend is SOOOOO sweet!

    Enough rambling on - take care SUNSHINE and I'll catch up with you soon!!!

    Linda ?)


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