Friday, July 11, 2008


I was having coffee uptown with my friend Elaine, mid-afternoon on July 10th when we were hit with a sudden (and violent) windstorm. She took me down to the bridge, located in the center of our community, where I snapped these photos.

It was all I could to to stand up straight and keep my lens clean. Kinda frightening, actually.

While I was taking pictures, Elaine rescued a woman who was clinging fearfully to a telephone pole. She drove up beside her and opened the car door. The woman got in and Elaine drove her home.

I sent these photos up to the local tv station and they used them in the news (yes, thats TWICE this month!) If you would like to hear more about the storm, you can watch the news. Just go to and look for the articles on Windstorm. The aftermath is... amazing.

This storm only lasted about an hour...

I can't believe these people were in their boat in this storm...
not only that, though the child has a life jacket on, Mom and the guys don't.
Thats just PLAIN SILLINESS folks!


  1. WOW! You've really had some 'real' weather eh? How scary would it be on that boat!!!???? I agree with ya about the life jackets.... um, HELLO???

    Just wanted to stop on by and say 'hello' and thanks for the nice things ya said about ME (LOL!) over on Kim's blog. (yup... I read her comments.... wahahaha!)

    You are a very talented photographer.... someday I'll actually get a decent camera too! Hee hee...

    HUGS for ya girlie!

  2. Good Morning Barb:)
    Okay..first off..what in the world were you thinking???LOL Second...How totally cool!! Great pics!hehe
    How sweet of your friend to help that lady in distress.:)Hope she gets a wonderful blessing for it.!
    Sooo...when is the news station gonna hire you?LOL
    Is your next kit gonna be "Windy Day"? :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day today with sunshine and fun.:)


  3. I was thinking of you when I heard of this storm! Fortunately it missed me, tho we did have a little wind! What a frightening event to have to go through! Thanks for posting, Barb!

  4. Wow Mrs. Miles! What an exciting time you had!!!! What a storm!!!! We only had a cooler then normal day up here ... a cold low D says that met with your warm weather and oh, oh! We watched the video ... amazing the damage.

  5. Oh goodness - glad you were safe - a bit too scary for me!

    (But congrats on getting your pics used again!)


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