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Well, I certainly am enjoying all this hand painting of elements! When I first started getting interested in graphics on the computer and Miles bought me Painter – I was just getting along learning Painter really well, when he then showed me Photoshop. I could not imagine what on earth I would use Photoshop for. Well, I started off doing some tags for our art group and then I fiddled around doing some digital scrapbook layouts. Flash forward and here I am… though I let Painter slide off to the side. Making these elements is giving me a thirst back.

Layout created by Amy W. Amy is a talented designer who has been offering some amazing Christmas items, including wonderful templates on HER BLOG! She also includes daily links to some 'freebies' out there. Thanks for sharing Amy!

papers- Deep Blue Freeze and Velvet Crush by Barb Derksen (Mrs. Miles)
ornaments by Barb Derksen-Velvet
and Manu79- AdventCandy canes from my Sweetie

I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blog reader/scrapper yesterday, right here in my own little town! Turns out Mavis was checking out my blog and recognized the mountains in the background of our Christmas Card I posted the other day. Upon reading further in my blog… she recognized Hayne’s Point park, which I am always ‘shooting’ with the camera and then… yes, then she recognized two girls in a layout I did this past summer – as her very own nieces. How funny is THAT?

Well, Mavis and I met yesterday, at my favoritist store, the thrift shop. Once we browsed, paid and left we had a coffee at my home and got to know one another. She’s talented in making cards and she brought me a gift of several. Thanks Mavis… these will go to very special homes, if I can bear to give them away at all – he he! It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to more time together in the future!

This painfully sweet layout was created by blog reader McMartian.

The bulb elements are mine but I can't take credit for the rest the 'stuff'. I am sorry I don't have a list for the other items. I hear baby survived this minor injury - if you have children,then I am sure this is a familiar scenario for you - unless your children play only with cloth toys! Thanks for sharing with us McMartian and thanks for your comments and encouragement. Keep the layouts coming!

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to work hard to ensure that as Miles and I get busier that I would work hard to make him feel like he is top of my list. Funny how things work in sync, for shortly after this I received a newsletter into my mailbox which talked of this very thing. Here are a few snippets from that article, followed by a link directly to the entire one. (It says it so much better than I could!)

Most of us take better care of our cars and houses than we do our marriages. Too often, we take one another for granted. We treat our marriages like those annoying pink mechanical bunnies; we pop in a battery and then forget about them, assuming they'll go on forever. But the reality is that if we don't take care of our relationships, they will eventually stop working.

In order to thrive, you marriage must be your number one priority—at the top of your list. And your spouse needs to see this every day. The principle is simple: If your partner doesn't feel she is special to you, sooner or later, she'll be tempted to find someone who does make her feel special.

It's not easy to keep marriage at the top of your priority list when there are so many other demands on your time: demanding jobs, demanding children, and other demanding responsibilities. While each has its place in your life, developing a healthy marriage is most important and should be given more attention than your other responsibilities.


Miles and I often have people ask us about what makes our marriage so good – its not strange for us to have compliments. We really do enjoy each other and even though we have never spent a night apart in our marriage we can’t wait to see each other after work time. We don’t have any secret recipe but we do work very hard to keep it fresh and exciting. We are always cooking up creative ways to make each other feel special, valued and loved. Sometimes its difficult when you factor in all the busy-ness of life, but we’ve come to know that if our marriage is not 100% then nothing else in life is either.

We are individuals with the power to affect other people.

Hebrews 10:24

"And let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds."

Doing special things doesn’t mean having to buy expensive gifts for one another – in fact not spending money and DOING is a better way to go. Today, for example, even though Miles had a full lunch hour of running errands, I arranged with him a set time to meet him on a street corner, downtown, just for a kiss and an “I love you”. Sometimes taking a moment to do the smallest of things is enough to say that your spouse is worth rearranging other responsibilities. If you don’t take the small moments when the opportunities arise, later on when you run into trouble it might take days, months or years repair a relationship that’s grown cold. Like a plant, if you don’t feed it regularly, a marriage will die off – and sometimes by the time you go to rescue it, its beyond revival. Why not put your thinker on and find some little way to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated.

Saying this, I do want to say this does not apply to abusive relationships. No one should ever have to stay in a relationship that is unhealthy or dangerous – mentally or physically.

I emailed Dr. Gary Thomas and with his permission have added a permanent link to his website and marriage resource books on the left side of my blog. BUY HIS BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS! - its a gift that will give back!

Today's oxymorons:



light traffic

limited immunity

limited incursionl

imited lifetime guarantee

limited freedom

linear curve

liquid crystal

liquid gas

liquid metal

liquid natural gas

liquid smoke

lite beer

literal interpretation

literary illiterates

little big

little big horn

little bit big

little deceptive

little giant

Live Recording

live television

Living Dead

living end

living fossil

local long distance

local network


Q. What happened when the snowgirl fell out with the snowboy?

A. She gave him the cold shoulder !

Q. How do snowmen travel around?

A. By iceicle!

Q. What do you get if cross a snowman and a shark?

A. Frost bite!

Q. What do angry mice send to each other at Christmas?

A. Cross mouse cards !

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Wenceslas who?

Wenceslas train home ?


How Stuff Works!

Yes, there is a site that about covers anything you would have a question about. I've often reffered to this site for various subjects and find I could literally spend hours here!



  1. Morning Girlie! That is a funny story - how someone would see their family members on your website! :) TTYL today!~G

  2. I absolutely love your singing puppy.:) Soooo Cute! Thank you for sharing it with me.

  3. Thank You for sharing today's cute singing puppy!!

  4. Oh you are a sweetie! I love your little doggie! And your comments about marriage are too ture these days. I'm glad you got to meet Mavis and that you both had fun. Thanks for posting my card and the link to my blog. Looking forward to tomorrow's entry!

  5. I love the layout "I fought the toy" How adorable! Thanks for the article link & reminders for a happy marriage. Lots of good info on that site!

    Finally blogged today, just to share some stuff in my world. But I'm glad to have your blog to read daily for uplifting & inspiration!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Yikes.. girl... I was just now able to get to your website.. I so look forward to it EVERY day.. it is amazing how you speak to the heart.

    I love the idea of meeting Miles on the corner.. may I steal that from you. I would like to surpise my baby with that.

    Love the doggie.. too cute, you are a talented girl.

    I love the info on the marraige.. no truer words than what you said.

    Hugs.. Joy

  7. This is the cutest lil doggie. Thanks. cg


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