Friday, December 01, 2006

DEEP BLUE FREEZE - (element included!)


This is very wierd.

I can't sleep, so rather than laying in bed torturing myself I decided to get up and blog - this way I can meybe even sleep in. I know if I didn't blog now, I would still want to get up early to do it - so here I am... and you most likely will be reading this while I'm snugged up in my warm and cozy bed.

I realized over the past few days that I'm using the word HATE a lot lately - more than usual. I'm not using it to say I hate any people but I am hearing it slip off my tongue for really petty little things, so I decided to think on it for a bit. What came to mind is to ask if hate is mentioned in the bible so I looked it up. Hate is mentioned in the bible 128 times. Well, this caused me to wonder how often love is mentioned. Love is mentioned 697 times - thats roughly 5 - 6 times more than hate. Right there I can safely assume I might want to be loving a lot more than hating. I should be noticing more lovin going on. I also noticed while searching the scriptures that hate was used for the most grave and awful of things e.g. God hates sin.

It seems I hate little things. Like when people don't use the crosswalks. When the cars don't stop for people using the crosswalks. When my takeout coffee is too hot to hold. When I get bundled up to go outside and find I need a potty break. Little things. Things not really worth getting that emotional about. Little things like this get me hating really fast. I guess its because when I say I hate something petty, its so final. I say it like a mild curse.

While there's nothing really bad about this, I don't like that I fall into a pattern of grumbling - about every little thing. So, I've decided to experiment. Tomorrow (LOL - today, I guess) I am going to conciously change the words "I HATE" for something else. The first thing that springs into my mind is "I wish" So, for example, if someone doesn't use the crosswalk I will say "I wish they would use the crosswalk" and when my coffee's too hot I will say "I wish I could have two cups"... This won't actually change the things that bother me, but it will change ME. I think I will save the complaining for the really big things in life. What do you think?

Phillipians 2:14

Do everything without complaining or arguing

(this could be you - send me your layouts using my elements)
papers- A Holiday Whimsy by Pukas & Kipler,
Get my drift by Barb Derskson
ribbons and overlay- Satin and Sparkles set & Get my drift by Barb Derkson
holly- Have a Holly Jolly Christmas by Pillowgirl
template- my No. 38

My sister in law works at a Cotton Ginny store and she sent me a coupon which gives 30% off all purchases - even the sale items. This sale is Canada wide, so if you are doing your Christmas gift shopping and may want to save the $$, leave your email address in a comment and I will forward you the coupon, as I don't know how to pass it on any other way.

There are some lovely wallpapers up for your computer at Crosscards. You can find them HERE

Today's Oxymoron Fix:

honest convict
honest crook
honest graft
honest liar
honest thief
hopeful pessimist
hopelessly optimistic
horribly decent
horse fly
hospital food
hot chili
hot ice/icy hot
hot water heater
house boat
huge market niche
huge shortage
humanitarian invasion
hypothetical situations
Hyundai Excel

No Exuses For a Workout!

C'mon - why wait for New Year's - make your resolution now and look great FOR Jan 1st! No more 'scuses that you don't have the equiptment etc. I watched Oprah yesterday and she had the good doctor on. They posted a workout on Oprah's site that requires no special equiptment at all! I raced right over to check it out, and I say I am totally impressed. They've broken it into three sections, from beginner to advanced. Don't feel alone, I am going to do this from beginning to end tomorrow! Won't you join me?


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful freebie with me.I love it!
    Also..thank you for commenting on my blog..I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that every time you come to see me:)
    Hope you are able to change the "hate" habit.Let me know how that works out.It's difficult to change..but I hear it can be done.:)

  2. The paper pack is lovely! I really do like blue! And thanks for putting up my LO! I love your overlay, and the frames- but I haven't used them yet.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful papers

  4. Thanks for the beautiful papers

  5. I can't remember how I got to your know how it goes when you start linking. But, I now subscribe via Bloglines because I love your style -- creative and spiritual! I hope to squeeze in some time today for a layout using your snowflake frames with photos of our girls in the snow yesterday. You'll laugh at the amount of snow that we get excited about in Texas!

    Mom to 2 in Texas where it is as cold as it is in Canada

  6. I hope you're buddled snug in your bed and finally getting some sleep.

    Thank you for the beautiful kit today!

  7. TYS your beautiful freebie I luv the shades of blue even though my favorite color is purple LOL

  8. Deep Blue Freeze is so pretty! Thank you so very much.

    I'm a firm believer in thinking positively... it makes one so much happier.

    Compare the personalities of a negative thinker: grumpy, grouchy, a real curmugeon..

    and a positive person: always smiling, happy, bubbly, tolerant, compassionate, people you want to be around because they always have good things happening to them!

    So let's think happy!! :)

  9. And here's a layout using several different days goodies! I think your crystal snowflake frame makes this look really cold & kewl! Thanks again Barb!

  10. Thank you very much for your daily gifts. The blue colour today is great!

  11. Lovely freebie and I love the style of your blog. Thanks, Alice

  12. so many thanks for all of your great shares for us. i just love them, the blue is gorgeous, the flakes are adorable... it is all fantastic, thanks again for sharing. you are very talented!

    from hot south australia

  13. Thank you for the freebie:) I agree about the "hate" thing...I do everything possible to avoid using it. I also raised my kids to feel the same way. Habits are hard to break, but do-able. Good luck :)

  14. Hello Mrs. Miles... thank you for the goodies... I enjoyed chatting with you last night, and the links that you gave me.. I told you I was suppose to go to Portland today... we had to cancel because I have been sick all day... blah!!! I hope I am feeling better in the morning so we can go.

    Hugs.. Joy

  15. Thanks for the freebie! I went through the same thing not that long ago and I'm sure you will find that it isn't going to be that hard of a habit to break as it isn't really your nature to be negative, it's a phase. You will bounce back to being uplifted and uplifting in your daily life. :)-Sandy

  16. The papers are wonderful!
    Thanx so much for sharing those with the world!

  17. Thank you very much! They are beautiful! Yes, I need to workout!

  18. Hi Barb ...awesoem stuff here all the winter ya

  19. Beautiful kit. Love the sparkle to the paper. Thank you

  20. Wow, you have been busy! I took a few days away from the computer to come back and find all of your beautiful Christmas freebies, and man I am impressed :) I love to read your entries. I catch myself flying through blogs some days and not noticing what people say, but never with yours. It seems to keep me "in touch" with the important things in life. I am not a religious person. I don't go to church or associate with any one religion... but I find yoru blog to be inspirational and to give me good thoughts I should ponder, regardless. Thank you as always.


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