Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Yesterday was grey. There is no other word for it. Now, for some people this is depressing… but for me, it was opposite. Being a grey day it simplified things for me so much. It meant for sure I didn’t feel I had to go outside, so being inside was decided, other than a dinner visit Miles and I had planned for last night. This was a good thing too, though, as it meant I didn’t even have to cook!

A grey day outside made a cool, comforting backdrop for the warm, inviting light inside our house. It caused a ‘nesting’ instinct to be awakened in me. What little corner of our home would I improve or change? I could go through the entire rainy day without stopping once, cleaning this, straightening that, creating this, mending that. When its all done I loved relaxing in an atmosphere of comfort.

It was a day for making the list and checking it twice – not my Christmas list – that was a sub-folder on my list-LIST… I knew it was essential that I put pen to paper and map out what has to be accomplished between now and Christmas vacation – no more letting it all unfold as it may. Don’t want to forget anyone in my haste. There were flurries of phone calls, hello’ers on hello and Miles and I had a lovely dinner with a friend in the evening. I won’t bore you with the details of my list… but will tell you that I managed to cross at least ½ of its entire length off.

Two things “I WISH” I did not have to do… are putting laundry away, and vacuuming. With this, I have to share with you – (its my blog and I can put my stupid jokes on if I want…) When does a vacuum suck? When it doesn’t suck! LOL My friend Gina asked me what I would want for Christmas if I could choose… and I know this sounds very silly, but I would want a Dyson Vacuum. Yep, I want a really good vacuum, something racy and sleek. Something with so much suction that I could make my burbur carpet look like shag. Something that could be used in conjunction with hairspray to create an instant Mohawk on hair. Something that takes tinsel. Something that would make the ceiling tiles heave up into the roof like the wind through our windows does. Something that could deflate an airmattress in 1 minute flat. Yeah, baby, that’s what I want! (too much coffee, folks!)

Bits and Bobs beads and Frosty Star made by Mrs. Miles (me) Thanks Shannon!
I would love to feature YOUR layout on my blog, just email me the link along with permission and credits!

My friend Rebecca from NY… well she was torturing me upon my request today. She hadda go and mention to me that she and her dearest have a chocolate business. Yes, you heard me… choc-o-late. She is also a photographer so I was wondering why we don’t see a blog of sorts… she assures me a website is in the wings awaiting to be born in the future then we can all be tortured with pictures of their amazing eats. Can’t wait to see it Rebecca. You can head me straight to the dark aisle please…

I asked you readers yesterday what you would do if you knew your days were coming to an end shortly…
Kat responded what I think most of us would… to spend as much time as we could with our loved ones.

Dawn responded: We do something like Sonya. When my first child was born, my mother started buying him a "bread dough" ornament each year. This continued as the other children were born, switching from "bread dough" to other ornaments and my buying them. Now the kids know that there will be a new ornament, reflecting something they currently like, each year in their stocking. Boy is my tree going to be bare when they're grown and on their own! lol

Using Gina Cabera’s Christmas Magic Kit

Today’s Oxymorons:


mail delivery

major minority

male compassion

male lady bug

man child

managed competition

management action

management science

management style

management support

mandatory judgment

mandatory option

mandatory volunteerism

mannish woman

marketing strategy

martial law

mass customization

massively thin

master slave

maternity fashion

mature student

maxi thins

mean smile

meaningful nonsense

meatless meat

medicaid payment

medium large

A few jokes to lift the corners of your mouth

Cats' Favorite Christmas Carols

10. Up on the Mousetop

9. Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas

8. Joy to the Curled

7. I Saw Mommy Hiss at Santa Claus

6. The First Meow

5. Oh, Come All Ye Fishful

4. Silent Mice

3. Fluffy, the Snowman

2. Jingle Balls

1. Wreck the Halls!

Christmas Signs At a Toy store:

"Ho, ho, ho spoken here."

At a Bridal boutique: "Marry Christmas."

Outside a church: " The original Christmas club."

At a ski resort: "All I need to know about life I learned from asnow man."

In a stationery store: "For the one who has everyting, a calender to show when the payments are due."

Banjo Bunny – the Neat Nativity Site

You know… I have visited this site every year for several years… it soooo cool. It’s a flash nativity calendar – exceptionally done. Unfortunately, when I went to find the site, I simply couldn’t as I lost all my bookmarks about 6x after this past year, due to computer crashes. However… the site is so amazing that I found it linked to another site, just yesterday… so you get to check it out! When it loads, look for the button that says CLICK HERE and this will allow you to check out the different days. You will want to share this with your friends



  1. Hi Mrs. Miles - Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. My grandmom is in the emeregency room of the hospital as I am writing this. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you so muc for your crazy ribbons - very pretty!

  2. Good morning - sounds like you had a very 'accomplished' day at home. It WAS a grey yucky day. Isn't today a nice change. Clear blue skies. Wish I could leave work to get out with my camera into that icing sugar snow on the mountain tops!

    Cute little nativity site!

  3. Thank you for sharing these cool crazy ribbons with me..and for leaving a wonderful comment on my blog:) Thanks!

  4. Monday sounds like it was a very productive day for you. I think sometimes that we just need days like that...no obligations outside the house or deadlines for this and that so we can get the little things done.

    That was my day yesterday but rather than cleaning, I finally had time to work on the gifts I'm making. Thank goodness I'm only making two gifts, lol.

  5. some awesome ornaments out there love the pictures of them ...way to Barb


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