Thursday, November 03, 2011

A New Card Design, Hurting Bird and a Free (studio) Cutting File!

Dinner is in the oven, the fragrance of oven roasted potatoes tossed with Olive Oil and rosemary.  Accompanying these are 6 delicious looking wild rice, red pepper and pepper jack cheese stuffed tomatoes.   I say look delicious because its a new recipe I'm trying out and I won't actually know how good they are in the mouth until they get tasted.  I'll let you know if they turned out.  We have a dinner guest so I'm hoping they are ok.  I don't think my sister Nina would do that to a guest.  My way of thinking is we could always order out if it is terrible (running my finger down the take-out restaurants in the Yellow Pages section of the phone book...) 

A funny aside.  I had prepped the tomatoes ahead - in fact dinner is cooking itself at the moment, it was just a matter of putting it in the oven (don't you love that?)  So, I had clear plastic wrap atop the tomatoes.  Really really clear wrap... which, in my haste and eagerness went into the oven with the dish.  Thankfully I realized after just two minutes and though it had shrinkled a bit it had not stuck to anything - no damage done.

Have you experienced a mishap like this before company came acalling?

I'm going to jump into my bird tale.  I was working in the cocoon I call my craft area downstairs when I heard a good solid thud and I knew exactly what had happened. 


We have many California Quail here.  They are so comical to watch.  They are frightened very easily and they are extremely vocal at those times.  They cluck like little old women and flap about as if some catastrophe befell them.  When they are happy and not worried they sit and call "po-tay-toe, po-tay-toe!"  They are about the size of a children's toy football but when they walk through the underbrush they generate enough noise one could think a large animal was on the loose.

Sometimes they are frightened by larger birds of prey and when this happens they get in a kafuffle and fly off in every direction – sometimes right into our large front room window.  And this was the case today. 


Poor bird was really in shock – could not move much and it’s breathing was rapid and irregular.  I picked it up and brought it indoors and placed it on a soft clean towel.  I didn’t want to leave it out on the lawn to be plucked off by whatever predator scared it in the first place. 


After 1/2 hour of letting it rest it rallied and I was able to release it back outdoors. 

And its time to share my latest card.  I created it without a sketch or challenge – I just wanted to use a cutting file which I created for YOU – to demonstrate what it would look like in a project.  I am sorry I don’t have my vector program up and running yet, so available just in .studio format, suitable for Silhouette SD or Cameo.


I believe the base paper is a BoBunny – a gift of love.  The golden backdrop behind my holly and berries cuts is actually some gold packaging a friend gave me which was part of a box of chocolates! 


I created the holly leaves in two sections – a whole leaf and then a half.  There are two leaves, one narrower than the other.  There are three berries, one with a hole. I used a solid cardstock for the full leaves and then cut the 1/2’s out of patterned paper.  I inked the edges with a brown studio G.  I stamped added Glossy Accents to the berries to bring them to life.

And so I’m leaving the cut files for you – just click the preview to be taken to the download site.  I use because I love its pretty straightforward and best of all no ads!  I’ve provided the files in a zipped folder.  I’m giving you the elements seperate and then one with all three on the same page.  I’m not sure what is the easiest for you – I’d love your feedback.  I will post this cut in the permanent  TAB at the top of my blog.  Always free! (ps, I’d love to see what you make with my cuts!)

Barb Derksen Holly and Berries

personal use


  1. Wow sis, so many adventures for one day. You must be buzzing. Look at you all willy nilly with the food you are feeding guests. I am sure it was fabulous. Your Christmas card is beautiful, and free style too. Thank you for the fabulous element.

  2. Aww you just take care of everything :) I to have had a few birds fly into our living room's crazy. I usually keep an eye out for them as we have tons of cats around here but i'm to chicken to pick them up...if corey is home then i get him to rescue good on you...glad you gave him a warm resting spot.
    Your card is beautiful! Great job on your Holly and berries

    I hope you are having a wonderful week and a fabulous weekend.

    Huge hug

  3. thanks for sharing, Barb!

  4. Just popping in to say hello! I hadn't talked to you in awhile, just thinking about you :-)


  5. Good morning Barb:)
    I stopped in yesterday afternoon but got called away and never got back to the puter until now.:)Your blog page was still on my monitor when I came in here a few minutes ago.LOL
    So SWEET of you to rescue the poor startled bird.:)
    Your tomato dish sounds yummy!! How did it turn out?
    Your card is soo COOL!!LOVE the Holly and Berries and THANK YOU so much for the cutting files too.:)
    Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend my friend!



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