Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow, snow - SNOW! & Mojo

Brrrrr, baby its COLD outside!   Hmmm wasn't it just two weeks ago I blogged our unusually balmy fall with the trees ablaze in golden colours?  All of a sudden we've been plunged into winter in every sense of the word.  So, thus the updated look of my blog - only I will have to replace that little slide show from spring blossoms to something frosty looking soon. 

And though I truly did not have time today I could not resist the lure of Mojo Monday.  After all, I have to make these Christmas cards at some point, might as well be today. 

Lovely challenge template I say! 

Not a good reference photo, taken with my iphone.  One simply can't appreciate the little glittery silver stars nor the red and greeny shimmering ribbon but ah well, you get the idea perhaps.  My card is once again a hodge podge of supplies as they come to my hand - the sentiment being pared from a recycled greeting card. 

I'm not sure if my sister Nina will be taking up the Mojo challenge (ohhh I HOPE so for I love to see what magic she's been learning, but I do notice my SIL Judy has created a pretty card too! 

Hope you have a wonderful week - who knows, if I am snowed in here perhaps I'll just stay right here and make little cards all the week long.  (I could love this!)  Do YOU have snow? 


  1. Love the new look of the blog sis. The card is fabulous, you are a magician with your supplies. My Mojo is made, I will take a picture tomorrow and get it up there.

  2. Great job Aunty Barb!!! Good to see some homemade cards from you. Glad you and Nina have inspired mom to join in the fun.

    It sure is cold cold i am not looking forward to working in it this year...i was lucky enough last year not to have had to work in the winter.

    Hope you have a wonderful week and i will be sending you some new pictures of my boy here soon with your Chritmas card.
    Lots of love!!!

  3. love the card was nice to take a break and try to make card also. It was report card day and meet the teachers a fun pack day at the high school . Don't like the cold ..but I do like the snow ...can highlight things so beautiful. Miss you lots my SIL really soon.

  4. Good evening Barb:) snow here....yet.:)Some years we don't have any...but the last few years we have had some.It was actually fairly warm here today..but overcast and rainy.:)
    Your card is really pretty.I have spent a day here and there making some too.It IS fun.:)I have several of them in a zip lock bag waiting for me to do something on the inside of them.I most likely won't do as much as I did last year on the inside though.I don't have as much time these days.:)
    Gotta go see what Judy and Nina made now.:)
    Huge hugs and lots of love,

  5. Great work my beautiful wife.


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