Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Nice Ice!

Before I post the second half of my ice photos I want to share my yard sale buy for today.  (The yard sale was INDOORS at the Baptist Church)  I could not resist this unique necklace.

I'm a sucker for for anything vintage and natural to boot and this covers both points.  It's on the large side, being about 2.5 inches around but I know it will look super - and will go nicely with a pair of sparkly green gem earings my Mr. bought me two years ago.   Don't you just love thes are made out of real evergreen cones cut in an unusual way?  They look like little trees themselves. 

And here are the last of the ice pictures.


  1. Good morning Barb:) got an early start this morning.:)
    What a COOL pendant! You always find such unusual and unique( is that the same thing?LOL) things in your bargain shopping.:)Bet you had a blast!!
    Love your ice pics too.You are soo brave to go out in that freezing weather to get them..or did you use the zoom lense?LOL
    We had a great time with family and friends for Thanksgiving.Then yesterday the kids came over and we decorated for Christmas.The house..not us.LOL It looks so festive now.:)
    Hope you have a marvelous weekend.:)

    Love and hugs,

  2. Humm posting in the middle of the night makes a grummy morning sister. Very nice pendant, nice find sis. Love the images, you are very talented with your camera. Happy Saturday. Love ya.

  3. what a neat those ice photos...have a wonderful weekend. love and miss you lots.



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