Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Do NOT call the "Do Not Call" - if you did, UN-do!





A while ago I registered my home phone to the Canada "Do Not Call" registry.  Then recently, at the prompting of some good-intentioned email from a freind I added my cell phone number there too, because whoever sent it to me said that our cell phone numbers are going to be published too. 

What a good concept - you add your phone number to this list and then you are "protected" from being called.  Thats what I THOUGHT anyhow.  Turns out in a perfect (honest) world, it WOULD work but the way it set up it practically caters to the forces of the less than honest. 

I was working out this morning and watched this edition of Global's 16/9 where they do an expose on this issue.  As I watched it just "CLICKED" in my head.  THAT'S why we still keep getting calls, in fact thats why we are getting MORE calls than ever... I know I could literally draw a straight red line all the way back to the day we registered our home phone!  Sheesh. 

You can watch the show yourself and see why this registry works totally opposite to the way its supposed to.  Rather than have me explain and botch it up, just click on the following graphic and it will take you to the show - choose Episode # 109


Fullscreen capture 03032010 124508 PM

Luckily, you can DE-register your numbers by calling the Canada "Do Not Call" registry - after viewing the video some things (eg: repetitive calls at dinner hours, calls where nobody talks to you, calls where its "Am I speaking to the lady of the house?" annoyances)  will come crystal clear for you as well.  If it does, just click on the following graphic and select De-Register my number from the list.  You can thank me later with all the time you are spared from taking telemarketing calls.

Fullscreen capture 03032010 124119 PM


  1. wow what a pain...glad you got it cleared up. Can't wait to chat tonight. missing you ...


  2. Thanks so much for the lucky shamrocks. I love them! They are going to be fun to put on my St. Patty's Day layouts.


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