Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break - more adventures!

On Saturday, we stopped in at an antiques store in Soap Lake.


antique store set 2 (8)

Ok, I know the first question you will be asking is - "Is there really SOAP in Soap Lake?"  Well, I won't make it easy for you but will provide you with a link so that you can find out for yourself.  If you click on my photo you will be taken to some information about this fascinating little town.   I will say though, that one time when my Mr. and I were going through the lake was down and the nice black mud was there - and I OH SO wanted to go and slather in my swimsuit (there were others doing the same) but my Mr. just could not even bear the thought of it - and said with a resounding "UGH!" that I was welcome to go do it on my own, but what's the fun in that?  I was really looking forward to bombing him with mud-balls but he robbed me of the thrill. 


Like I said we stopped in at this cool little Antiques store and this is some of what we saw.

antique store set 1 (5)


I like to imagine the stories behind some of these wonderful old items - this was probably a much loved friend to some little girl, now this doll hangs among spurs and metal bits and longs for some little girl or a collector to come adopt her again.


antique store set 1 (8)


My Mr. hunkered down and browsed some of the old music books.   As you can see, there is not much room to navigate this place and it would take weeks to fully explore and appreciate all that is in this shop.  I have to be very careful in places like these or I get hung up by my purse strings and haul merchandise around off my bag as if it were an anchor!   My Mr. spends a lot of time GASPING and trying to keep me from breaking things.  Well, he does not ever claim to call me Miss Delicate.


antique store set 1 (2)


I pressed my nose against this cabinet for a while, relishing in the incongruity of porcelain dolls in lace and frills right alongside African carvings of fierce looking faces. 


antique store set 1 (6)

Ah - THAT'S where all those nice BIG ice cream scoops migrate to.   No wonder all I can ever find in the store are these little ones that serve out a ball of ice-cream the size of a walnut or an egg.  Sheesh, when I want a scoop of ice-cream I want a decent one! 

antique store set 1 (9)


How I would love to see this machine in action.  It is a Cherry Stoner. 

antique store set 2 (5)

And this, a Butter Cutter.  Can you imagine? 

antique store set 1


I am SURE this is a toy of some sorts.  Just caught my eye is all. 

antique store set 2 (3)

Imagine this lil guy has been ridden in his time! 

antique store set 2 (4)

Skeleton keys - remember those?  Airplane earrings anyone?  Whatever you can think of, this store had it all.

antique store set 2 (2)

What an interesting old lamp with a STEEL shade!

antique store set 1 (10)

But if I could have chosen, could have afforded or justified it, THIS is what I would have bought!  Believe it or not, this is a LAMP!  Really - I believe the light would shine out of the eyes.  Something worth saving for, perhaps? 

Well, now you have been on my little tour - I'll be adding just a tad more Spring Break camp-trip photos in the next day or so.  In the meantime, don't be forgetting to stop by JanMary's blog (from Ireland, no less!) and join in her wonderful St. Patrick's Day Carnival, you could win some fabulous prizes.   Just click on the shamrock to be scooted there directly.




  1. Oh how fun! I love those kinds of stores. I'm kinda w/Mr. M. A mudbath is not my idea of a good time ;)

  2. Hey chicka!

    A butter cutter? That is very interesting, isn't it????

    Glad to hear from you.

    Much love~G

  3. Oh My, it is years since I have gone through an emporium like that one! What a lot of interesting items. I am pleased you are enjoying your Spring Break. x

  4. wow what a neat little shop kind of store....but we all know me I would try to take it all home with me..hehehe

    Missing you ...

    LOve ya


  5. Good afternoon..just barely..Barb:)
    Look at all that COOL stuff!!!! I would have loved to plunder through that with you.:)Not sure I would like lights coming out of the cats eyes..that's kinda freaky.LOL I would love to see some of the things you have around your house though.hehe
    I am with Miles about the have no idea what is lurking in that stuff...but how cool would pics be of that?LOL
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your prayers.I am feeling a tiny bit better today..enough to give me hope.:)
    Love that you are sharing your vacation with us.Remember..I was sick and my back was out when we were suppose to go on I will enjoy yours..through you.:)

    Anticipating more camping pics from you.:)

    Love and hugs,


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