Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More ads

Need I say anything? I believe you can see these larger if you click on them.

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. what how neat....when times were easier...:) look at price to get your figure back ...please oh please Barb dear SIL can you order me one ...hahaha.

    Hope to see you online ..

    Love ya lots and sending tons of hugs your way ...


  2. Hilarious, some of these!
    While visiting my MIL in the nursing home the other day, she had an old copy of Readers Digest laying on her night stand. I asked where it was from, and she said they had it in the library. I looked at it and saw add´s for the "new" tape recording machines, so I looked for a date of the issue and you know how old it was? From 1959!! Some of those add´s were hilarious too!


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