Friday, March 26, 2010

New Blogger Looks & A Character

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Meet Vince. Vince is what we all refer to as a "Character" because he does not fit into 'the box'. Vince is even the more so because he's not what we would call one of the formal working class as he does not have an official job. On the other hand he's not what we sometime refer to ( in the kindest most innocent way) - a bum, because Vince has a place to live (I've been told) but he supports himself by collecting bottles and cans. He has this amazing system set up. He has a train of four or five carts chained together which he pulls with his bike. He uses each cart for a different thing. As you can see he has a helper along this time - and he's posing for you.

We need the Vinces of the world. I personally appreciate he keeps our streets clean and makes some cash at it too. He works very hard for a guy with no job. Harder than some guys who have real jobs, in fact.

Does YOUR town have character you can share with us on your blog?

Also, I'm impressed and so happy with these beautiful changes to Blogger - loads of fabulous backgrounds to choose from. I wonder if it will be like a closet of new clothes... I might want to change every day.

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  1. I just found that on blogger too. I can´t decide which background to use! But I´m definitely changing again... :)

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    LOVE the new look!!!:)
    I can't think of a character in our town like this...but I am sure there has to be one somewhere and they are using whatever resources they can find.I did see a gentleman crossing in the crosswalk a couple weeks ago that had a blanket wrapped around his head and shoulders.It sure was cold and windy that day.:(
    Your cupcakes look yummy!!!:)How fun!! Happy Belated Bday Melanie!!Hope it was wonderful.:)
    I spent the day with Mom yesterday ..then Robby and family came over around six p.m.:)
    Have a fantastic weekend my friend!!

    Love and hugs,

  3. wow like your new look ...yes I think those cupcakes look yummie...give Melanie and hug from me ...and a belated Happy B-day. Have a great weekend .


  4. Fun new look. I'm so glad blogger came up with some variations ... I was so tired of the old one I had but too lazy to do anything about it.

  5. Love the new blog look! Very pretty!

    Vince definitely sounds like an interesting character. I love his system and the pic w/his dog. We have an elderly fellow in our town who goes about collecting toys that aren't always in the best shape. I think he has alzheimer's. It's kind of sad.

    Take care my friend!


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