Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Campin'

Well, this is the last day of camping. Right - it LOOKS nice but it's really windy and cold!

And what's invisible to you is the fact it rained ALL night and that my Mr is fighting a sinus infection/cold so the cold temperatures were not doing much for his sickness situation. You also can't tell that we were woken several times in the night, once by an all out battle between four racoons! Yes, seems we left something edible out and they discovered it. Mr got soaked rounding it all up.

Here's our VW Seb dressed up for our trip home. We stopped and had lunch at Lake Lenore - at the trailhead to the caves, which we have been to before. Mr visited them again while I fixed sandwhiches and promptly upended one on the rocks while transporting it to the table.

Such a pretty view with all the wildflowers. Did I mention we also ate a TON of fruit as we can't bring it back across the border. Crazy, I swear I ate a half a watermelon, pineapple, kiwi and orange. Just couldn't jusify throwing it out.

I love the open road which cuts through the rocks in some places then drops back down to the flat areas. Here we go!

Love the open spaces.

We stop roadside to snap photos of Steamboat Rock - sure, NOW it's all nice and sunny and calm, but it won't last.

Reflections of clouds in the water.

So I get side-tracked taking reflection photos.

On both sides of the road.

And the weather began to deteriorate as the afternoon wore on and we pushed Seb forward, homeward.

We arrived to our own home-sweet-home well after dark and enjoyed a nice warm night in our own bed. Sigh.

And since then we've been spring break fugitives hiding out. We don't answer the phone and you can call us anti-social even but it's a wonderful week we are having just staying home and doing the things we normally don't get to, and sometimes doing nothing at all. Things will get back to normal soon enough.

Do YOU ever hide out in your own home?

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  1. Oh B ,
    Thank you for sharing your great trip with me.
    Feels like I went some where and did something fun.

  2. I don't know if we "hide out" in our own home but we sure do love being home. Hate to leave it in fact. We head for the coast as soon as the weekend. Sigh. But there are some good things about the coast and I'd probably miss going if we didn't do it so regularly.

    I'm sorry Spring Break was so cold for you. But really, it is only March ... we are just spoiled by the out of season mild temperatures. It has been quite mile here the last couple of days. Balmy in fact but very windy.

    An odd day mood wise.

    Enjoy the rest of your break!!! I remain amazed at what you do from your iPhone! I took my iPod to town and couldn't get a connection. What's the scoop at internet cafes ... do they give you a code when you buy your coffee? Just wondering.

    TTFN ..

  3. love the pics...boy that iPhone takes great pictures. Glad to hear you and Miles are just being...time just to hang. Chat to you really soon....hugs

    love ya

  4. Do we ever hide out! Nope, sometimes I wish we could, but people would just stick their noses to the window and catch us lol! although we do put the phone off the hook, esp at meal times.
    Seb looks dapper in his hat!

  5. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Your camping trip looks like it would have been sooo much fun if not for the rain and wind...and fighting racoons...and Mile's being sick.:( This will most likely be one of your most memorable trips.Sorry!!:)
    I love your reflection photos.How cool!
    Did you eat all of that fruit in one sitting???:)Did you leave any for Miles?LOL
    Hope you enjoy your free time...hiding away from the world.:)

    Love and hugs,

  6. i absolutley LOVE your photos!! those reflections are STUNNING! GREAT job and thank you for sharing! i LOVE your hide out places! :D


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