Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun Day!

What are these you ask? Why, they are called Glue Dots and they can be used for a variety of crafts. I hope to use them on some greeting cards.

Yesterday, I packed up my laptop, printer and another basket besides of supplies and spent the entire day with my friend Mavis. My Mr. Dropped me off before work on the morning and I passed the day until Mavis kindly drove me home at 4.

One of the things she chose to do with me was to make "shaving cream paper". First you spray shaving cream into a shallow container. We used a small Pyrex baking dish.

Doesn't it look sort of nummy? Next we added drops of ink (Tsukineko Dye Ink in this case)

Some casual random swirls with a toothpick...

Oh Goodness, even more delicious looking! Now it's ready for the paper.

On goes the paper...

Ready to lift.

Up it comes!

A pretty, creamy artwork!

Last thing to do is scrape the excess shaving cream off using a spatula, then with a paper towel and lay it on a cloth to dry.

VoilĂ ! A unique paper - for pennies. Now I must discipline myself to make something with it.

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  1. OH how cute! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    BTW, I don't remember if I commented on your olympic torch post. But I keep thinking about you as the olympics go on. I even told a couple of people, "I know someone who..." So know you're being thought about and prayed over my friend! Take care!

  2. what a GREAT craft!! i did that one time and it was so much fun and we really got some pretty papers from that method!! And it don't smell too bad either! hehe
    the glue dots look fun too! OH and i am looking forward to the audio!!! (i scrolled down lol) Have a WONDERFUL evening! :D

  3. How clever is this! I just LOVE seeing unique way of creating things on a shoestring budget! Very cool girlie!

    Saw our post on my blog roll and had to stop by to say HELLO and to say, OH CANADA!!! Yup, as I'm laid up recuperating, I've been watching the Olympics and have been rooting for the USA as well as our beloved neighbors, Canada!

    I was SO moved to tears as Joannie took the ice and hope to see her again tonight before my eyes give out.

    Happy Friday sweet lady - may your weekend be FILLED with MUCH love and laughter!

    BIG hugs and some lovin' ...

  4. looks very pretty Barb, perfect for little hands to play with too I should imagine!

  5. Good morning Barb:)
    How pretty!! And fun too!:)Can't wait to see what you do with it.:)
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

    Love and hugs,

  6. Fun paper design idea!! Looks splendidly Easter-ish :)

    Thanks for the phone call yesterday. You don't know how perfect your timing was :)

    Hoping to see you soon!! HUGS!

  7. wow what a neat idea ....can't wait to see what you make with it. Love the dots.
    Have a great weekend ...missing our chats this week ...but I am beating this cold thing..:):)


  8. That looks amazing sis, and fun too.


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