Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nummy Cheese Sticks


I decided to document and share my version of bread sticks.  I first of all mix up a batch of the Peasant Bread from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook – but I alter it by adding some flax seeds, a tablespoon of molasses and a teaspoon of soy sauce.  I LOVE the bread recipe – it gets mixed up ahead of time and I can turn it into all sorts of wonderful baked goods when I decide.


Once I have the dough rolled out (you can gauge the approximate size by comparing it to the rolling pin and pastry brush next to it)  I lightly roll the dough to about 1/2 inch thick.  Then I brush it with some flavoured oil.  I used a garlic oil in this case.


Next I put sprinkle on a mixture of cheese – in this case a sharp cheddar and mozzarella.


Then, I fold it in half.


Now, just using my hands, I try to square the sides off a bit into a rough rectangle.  I also brushed this exposed side with more garlic oil.


Next, I take a pizza cutter and slice about 3/4 inch slices, lengthwise.  I twist each stick by holding one end and then the other.


Ready for the oven!  I’ll bake these at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until a lovely golden color.  I also put a shallow metal pan in the oven (like the Artisan cookbook recommends for some recipes) and I toss a little water in to make steam.  This ensures these cheese sticks are crun-chewy!



Out of the oven and cooling on the racks.  They were too much temptation for the Mr. who ‘snitched’ one on his way by…


An attractive and delicious addition to any table.  I think children would especially find these fun in the lunchbox!


  1. now I know what I will be asking for when I visit ..yummmmieeee..
    luck Mr ...you always make awesome food stuff...



  2. These look good. I'll have to try these REAL soon! This Artisan Bread method is WONDERFUL. So easy. So tasty. So just the right size.

  3. Those look SO delicious I don't think they would last long enough to make it to the kids lunch boxes. I am nearly converted to attempting this!

  4. Hi Barb, sorry I haven't been for a while, but I have been busy either, doing layouts, crafting or designing a kit for a friend.. phew! busy times..
    Anyway, thank you so much for my e.mail yesterday, I really appreciated it.
    I have just been reading your last two posts and I am soooo jealous, look at all that lovely ribbon and lace.. mind you have have just recently bought 50 litle rolls of ribbon, should keep me going for a while!
    and those cheesy sticks look so delicious, I am going to try and find a bit of time at the weekend to make some.

    hugs to you...

  5. Looks so yummy - I may have to learn how to cook!

  6. They look absolutely delicious. I think I'll give them a go with my bread recipe and see how they work out.

  7. BWAHAHA- I KNEW I should have popped in AFTER I had eaten something- but NOOOO, I pop on now while my stomach is growling and what do I find?
    MORE torture devices! hee hee
    Girl your baking makes my MOUTH water- those looks so easy to make- but I'm not even going to attempt that! I'll land up with NON CHEWY and more like CRISPY CRUNCHY and burnt- hahahahaha

    Sending you a hug

  8. Good Morning Barb:)
    Your breadsticks look sooo yummy!!! Great job on them and I can't blame Miles one bit for grabbing one on the go.LOL Did you snitch too???hehe
    I really need to try that bread recipe some day.It looks soo good and a lot of fun.:)
    Thanks for sharing with us.I LOVE visiting with you and seeing what you have "cooked up".:)

    Have a fantastic day!!

    Love and hugs,

  9. Oh those do look yummy! I am eventually going to have to try this bread recipe :o) You are inspiring my friend!

  10. Yum! Yum!

    I just started making bread at home, these sound fantastic, love the step by step directions to, my son comes home this weekend to spend spring break with us and I'll be giving these a try.

    Beautiful pictures.

  11. i can almost smell those breadstix!! Thank you so much for sharing this FUN & easy looking recipe! :) Have a YUMMY day! :)

  12. OMG Barbs...those cheese sticks looks so tasty and are probably something my family would snarf back before they stopped to think if there was anything healthy in them that might kill them...
    ...but I can't make pie crust or anything with yeast if my life depended on it...I ogle from afar from yeast scares the whee out of me. Only thing it gets used for around here is to flush down the toilet to kick in the septic bacteria..LOL
    ::sigh:: wishful thinking...now I want cheese sticks... :P

  13. Yum!! He only took one??!! I would start with that glass full...haha.
    I´m ready to try this bread recipe. Just have to find time to do it.

  14. These look wonderful Barb, thank you for sharing the steps so we can try them as well.

  15. That looks amazing! I have this cookbook, Betty sent me over to see this recipe :)

  16. I know this is long past your posting, but I just saw Your link on the ABIFMAD site. These look wonderful. I was wondering if you've frozen any after cooking and how well that may have turned out. I think if you wanted to freeze a whole batch you could probably plat bake them and them let them totally cool before freezing. Then you could take out a couple at a time and reheat whenever you like.


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