Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Giving Plenty of Time to Prepare!




photo credit: kyntio@sxc

Only 9 more months 'till Christmas...




  1. Only 18 days to Easter Sunday...
    Did you say duckling! oops it was ducking.. should have had my glasses on, haahaahaa.

  2. You should duck :)

    Can we please enjoy spring first? And then my son has a birthday
    And then summer
    And then fall & all it's fun!

    Please, oh please, do we have to think about Christmas now?!?!?

    Take care my sweet friend!
    No, you don't really have to duck!
    I'll still love you anyway :o)

  3. Hope you´re still down there....**throwing something**


  4. maybe you can hear it...but this did bring a chuckle... we have snow, as I assume you may as well.

    too funny!

    Have a sunny day!


  5. ROFL!!! You are such a HOOT girlie!!! *big smile*

    Well, for my two cents worth, being the crafty and creative lot that we are, one can NEVER think TOO far ahead for the next Christmas, eh?

    Have a GLORIOUS day sweetie!

    Linda :)

  6. I'm a knitter so I've been thinking about christmas since 1st January, but I usually start to remind everyone in July.

    Then I run...

  7. ROFL - you are hilarious.
    Wishing you a fun day :-)

  8. I'm a keeper of Christmas too. Please stop by my blog to see more Christmas fun for today!

  9. duck you better be laying on the floor ...9 months wow time is flying to later

  10. Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!
    Boy your just to much!!!!!!!! LOL
    Just think Easter is only 2 weeks away from Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not much going on here just keeping busy unzipping yet!!!!!!! LOL
    HUGE HUGS & PREAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. LOL, I agree with Linda! All ready been plotting out my cards for Christmas! lol...

    Love the gingies!
    Love YOU!

  12. Yippee! I love Christmas! (ducking right down there beside you!)

  13. Good Morning Barb:)
    You never cease to amaze me.LOL Only nine more months?? I better start shopping!!!hehe

    Merry Christmas!!:)


  14. Hahaha too funny! :) stopping in to say hi and had to laugh at this CUTE post! big CONGRATS for your win (last post)! Have an AWESOME day! :)

  15. LOL...I start early getting ready for X-mas but thats just to early even for me!

    Blessings sweetie, I may take up on your offer in regards to my mom's picture.

    Sunny beautiful day, enjoy the sunshine we are!


  16. Yikes! No way am I thinking about that! LOL
    P.s. I loved the little poem comment you left. :0)

  17. BWAHAHAHAHAHA- * good that you ducking*- I threw my coffee cup at ya! lol
    Sheeeee's thanks for the reminder! lol
    And it goes by so quickly these days- I'll probably look back to this reply and go- OH wasn't that the *otherday*- HAHAHAHAHA.
    You NUTS!

    OOOOOh loving the eggy's! They look soooo pretty!

    And Barb- 25c??- LOL, now that's a bargain! And uhum I CAN see you making those by the way- you have those bakers fingers like some of us have green thumbs! What ever you put into the oven always looks like it came out a magazine! Mine- BWAHAHAHAHA, well you know it looks like it came out a BOX- because it probably DID! lol

    Sending weekend hugs and loves

  18. oh my goodness, you're crazy, LOL! you're worse than me! thanks for visiting me today. I love your blog look!

  19. SO glad I'm not the only one counting somewhat...backward!

  20. Keep on you for evening mentioning Christmas!! ;) As a fellow BC'r you know we've been struggling to send old man winter on his way!! He refuses to pack up and leave!! LOL!!
    Found you on the wench's page!! Great to find another Beautiful British Columbian!! :o)

  21. Thanks for the laugh! I needed that! Have a wonderful day!!!!

    PS... I love how you used kims lace, looks "eggcellant" lol


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