Tuesday, May 06, 2008

mystery spider?

I'm blogging this cool spider photo in hopes someone might know what type of a spider it is. I've never seen one like it before. I came across it yesterday - I don't know if it came from the trimmings from the hedges, or whether it already had a home down by the garden boxes. At any rate, I apologize its a little grainy, little critter moved too fast to get a crisp shot. He's about as big as my baby fingernail in size. I picked him up between my thumb and finger, with garden gloves on, of course, and I was immediately impressed with his powerful forefront - he has fuzzy, brawny forelegs, which had almost a velcro grip, and I could feel him straining to get away right through the material! His back end is almost a completely segmented part of his body and is a rich vermillion red, while his eyes, which are inset, are a beautiful prismatic blue. Do you know what this might be?

Also, I've put the following slideshow together to share with you.

These are our friends Roger and Marie's alpacas. Marie emailed me the other day (thank you Marie!) to let me know that they had been sheared and would be a good photo op! I've included a few photos of them from last May as well, so you can see how much fur they usually pack!


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2008

    Red-backed jumping spider? Will look online for you Sis later this week.

  2. That spider - it may be one of God's amazing creations - but I am glad it is in Canada, not here!

  3. Oh I love shearing season! Especially on the sheep. They look so "naked" but free to be relieved of their hot & likely matted winter burdens. The alpacas are so cute. The spider, however, is not so cute! Bleah - can't believe you picked it up too.

    a visit tomorrow??

  4. It seems it is a jumping spider ... possibly Philippus johnsoni ... from what I can see on Bug Guide anyway. Cool find though.

    Fun pictures of the alpacas ... kinda cute even shaved.

  5. Hello, Mrs. Miles! Check this out
    looks like might be phidippus clarus or some one of the phidippus cardinalis line.

  6. I love the freebie! The 2-color one looks like the first 45 I ever owned, still one of my favorite songs today some 40 years after it was released! You may have inspired a layout for my "personal memoirs" book. If that comes to fruition soon, I'll be sure to send you a copy!

    I love the flower pictures, but as far as the spider goes, once I unfroze from looking at it, I scrolled down quick! Know the enemy is one thing, but this arachnopobe prefers a less up close and personal look at the enemy! LOL


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