Friday, May 02, 2008


be there or be square!
Sophia Sarducci is the place to be on NSD - May 3rd.

You read it right - Amazing $1 Grab Bags and 50% off most of the talented designers at Sophia!

Um Hmm, pinch yourself - my Olivia GB is filled with items that designer dreams are made of! You can't even buy a coffee for $1 these days... There's some one of a kind vector format designs and other ... good goodies included. I'm allowing ALL my items to be sold for 50% for NSD May 3rd ONLY - this day won't pass again for QUITE a while, my friends.

I'll also post a special little something here tomorrow too, as well you will want to be keeping your eye on the Sophia Sarducci Blog as I'm sure there will be some positive action happening there too. See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Greetings from the north coast! Up at the cottage. Still hope to be on-line a little, so won't miss all of NSD - but should it not be International Scrapbooking Weekend? hugs


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