Wednesday, May 07, 2008

45 Record Elements
(as long as you credit me)


I'm opening up my 45 elements for you to use for your own projects. I would love, love LOVE to see what you do with them.

I'm also still going to offer my NSD Designer Grab Bag at the SophiaSarducci shop as I was such a dork and forgot to label it COMMERCIAL use. Its packed with items which if you're a designer you HAVE TO HAVE. Can you say Grunge??? Just click HERE to check it out.

Thank you to my Sister, Nina, who identified the Spidey yesterday, along with Cicero and Diane. So this spider is one from the jumping spider family, a Phidippus Johnsoni, a powerful jumping spider. Its incredible there is this whole miniature world going on at our feet! It sounds like its a good thing I was wearing gloves when I pinched the little guy between my thumb and forefinger as they can give a nasty (not lethal) bite. To learn more about this interesting creature, just click HERE.

Holboells Rock Cress
click on photos to view larger!

This is another plant which is blooming around our region. Interestingly it flowers only every second year. It actually grows quite tall - this plant stood several feet high. I could not get a clear photo of it to show you exactly how tall as it blends in with the background and becomes indistinguishable. Whats interesting, is I took this photo yesterday, came in for a coffee and blog-wander only to find my friend E. at her Cicero Blog had the identical plant featured. To visit her blog, which is always a feast for the eyes (and tummy) just click HERE.

I would like to extend a great opportunity to you today. If you like great music and have a heart to further the ministry of God, there's a share-a-thon going on at PRAISE 106.5 FM which broadcasts out of Lynden, Washington. Their radio station has blessed me over the past few years, so I'd like to point you in their direction today. Their station is always safe and encouraging! I especially appreciate that their broadcast covers the coast area, in Washington State, USA, as well in British Columbia. I can keep my ears tuned for 'stuff' happening in the way of events - we are only a 5 hour drive away!

Perhaps you have some money set aside to aid in a ministry, directing some of that here could touch the life of a listener 'out there'. Why not at least check out their website where you can listen online live & find out more. If you have a blog, perhaps you might consider linking to them too. Lets help them get the word out. Just click HERE.

I hope you have a Blessed Day!

I had a lovely slideshow here earlier, but someone let me know (thank you!) that it was slowing my page down quite a bit. Sorry if you came back to view it.


  1. Thank you so very much for the 45s!! They are AWESOME!!and i am looking forward to using them! :D
    SOOOOOOOOO glad you wore gloves when picking up that spider! (and i read that TWICE... you picked it up??!! lol soo brave!) Thank you for such a WoNDERFUL blog! :D Have a GREAT day! :D

  2. Love that slide show presentation at the end. The sun is shinning here and it has been a glorious day. I hope it will be with you to.

  3. nice to know who the spider is ..looks like spring is with you ...hope soon it is here. Have a great day...Hod Bless

  4. Thank you so much for the cute 45 elements and you have such a wonderful blog. Even with the spider.

  5. AnonymousMay 07, 2008

    The 45 elements are cute! YUCK - a spider!!

  6. Hello, my Christian Sista! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Do you ever go to or ? I think you'd like the scripture challenges.

  7. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

  8. Thanks for the 45's! Hope you have a great day!

  9. Thank you :o)

    We support Compassion too :o)

  10. How nice of your to share!

  11. Cool 45s and great photos!

  12. Good Morning Barb:)
    I am playing catch up again. Dh was off yesterday and I played too.:) He took me out to breakfast.. then to get some ink for my printer.:)
    Love your blog.Not sure I like the spider though. Can't believe you picked it up.!! LOL I need to get a camera with a zoom lense.No way would I get that close to it.LOL
    DH shaved Freedom(our dog) yesterday and if she had a longer neck she'd look just like those Alpacas.LOL
    We have a Christian Radio station in Atlanta that has a live web page too. I keep forgetting to turn it on the puter though.:)Mostly listen to the radio or my collection of CD's. DH got me a stereo system for Christmas and it can play five cd's randomly if I want.Pretty cool!:)
    Well..this should last another couple of days...hehe.

    Have a!


  13. WOOHOO- Oh my Gosh, haven't seen a 45 for a long time! LOL, was asked the otherday by Deons Brother if I knew of someone with a old record player- Haven't seen one of those for a while either-hahaha. My dad still has his *stash* of LP's~ there's just to much sentimental value behind all of them to *throw them out*.
    YUCK that spider looks NASTY! Never seen anything like that here- and we get BIG spiders but um- I never get close enough to look THAT WELL! WHAHAHA
    Sending hugs and thanks for the awesome goodies!


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