Monday, May 12, 2008

a 'tasteful' post

I hope you all enjoyed a good Mother's Day.

Miles and I went to the coast to celebrate with our own Mother - yes, she technically speaking IS my Mother In Law, but since I have no living mother I just consider her Mom. What a special lady she is. Anyways, whenever we travel to the coast, its partly a culinary journey as well, for we love to stop at a few choice places to eat. I'm going to brag on them today, in case you should ever be travelling the same roads as we did - you'll be thanking us when you stop at the two following places.

A rich, succulent cake at Dutchies Bakery in Hope

We only discovered this bakery within the last year, but its become a destination. Tucked away behind the actual town of Hope, BC, Dutchies is located about a block away from the recreation center, and beside the railroad tracks.

Dutchies Bakery reminds me of the bakeries I inhaled as a kid. Being there makes me wish to shrink down to nose and eye level to the pastry cases to enjoy every sight and smell. They use fresh whipped cream in their products, none of this oil based stuff, but its so worth breaking your diet for. The prices are equally as impressive as the food. Miles had his favorite apple fritter (super crispy on the outside, soft as a pillow on the inside) while I went for a decadent stuffed donut thing - about 8 inches long, triangle shaped, filled with whip cream and cherries and frosted with chocolate icing and we paid a mere $2.35. One of the employees told me their best seller - the favorite of all for customers, an item the often sell out of, is a pepper bread they make, which has 5 different sorts of green, yellow and red peppers in it. I have'nt tried it yet, but will next trip for sure! Let me know if you do first!

New Owners of Doug's Homestead Deli

Don't you love to see young entrepeneurs? We met Lynette and her husband (sorry, I did not catch your name, forgive me!) at Doug's Homestead, another favorite stop. Doug's Homestead is a small Deli located... out in the sticks. Truly. It is about 6 km west of the tiny, historic town of Hedley. Theres no other town between Hedley and the coast, a driving stretch of about 2 hours. So truly, this restaurant is in the sticks. It does have the advantage of being located right next to the Stemwinder Provincial Park so I'm sure they are a welcome treat for campers.

Miles actually used to teach Dougs kids, so we've known Doug, the original owner, for many years. He started the business on a whim and it just grew from there. His absolute specialty, and one that still sells out if you don't get there quick enough, is the beef jerky.

Doug's famous Beef Jerky

Peppery, slightly sweet/salty with a rich aftertaste, you will love this stuff. Its incomparable to anything you will get in a supermarket. They also offer it in squares - but I would eat it too fast that way. Lets just put it this way. I get a sore jaw after a visit there.

Good luck and Best Wishes in your new venture Lynette and your husband. Doug, wherever you are, we wish you a great retirement!


  1. Oh my gosh girlfriend- you making my mouth water with your discriptions! LOL. Sounds GORGEOUS and I think I would have followed Miles with the apple one- hee hee.
    We have a *tradtional* jerky here called biltong. Apparantly it doesn't taste much like your jerky but looking at that pic it LOOKs similar- it's usually raw meat that is hung out to dry with lots of spices/pepper and salt- once dry ( i like mine slightly pink in the middle still-LOL) it's eaten sliced or in chunks! I used to help my Gran make it on the farm after hunting season and it doesn't last long- hahahaha.
    South Africans LOVE their biltong and dried sausage. It's a MUST have when watching the rugby or any sport for that matter-

    Sending hugs

  2. oooooh, aaaaaah ... we'll definitely have to check that bakery out next time we pass through Hope! Thanks for the tip-a-roo.

  3. looks so goood ..Bare and I will have to check that bakery out ....

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