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I hope you like these Rope Closer elements – I think they are sort of cool! I would love to see how you use them. I’ve also just prepared two new Major Grunge products to hit the store on Monday. I’m posting them here today because I’m taking the weekend off to celebrate Mother’s Day.

available in both Commercial and Personal Use
on MONDAY, May 12 at

available for Commercial Use
on MONDAY, May 12 at

I hope you will all slip over to my dear friend Amy’s blog and encourage her and hold her up in prayer. She’s been having some health issues, and will actually be going in for surgery next week. To be transported (via virtual stretcher) to her blog, just click HERE.

Also, my friend Valinda is giving away goodies all the time and right now she has some bright striped papers to download. While you are there, promise me you will go down one or two blog entries until you find her daughter Cristy’s video. Get a coffee and take five minutes out of your day to join her as she models ears onto one of her handmade dolls. It is FASCINATING. It reminds me of being in the art room and getting totally absorbed watching someone paint. Such Talent! And she had me totally LAUGHING with her banter as she models. I hated for it to finish and I am dying to see her next one! To visit Valinda’s blog, just click HERE.

Yesterday was a great day for birds. I was working away in my window which overlooks the lake and there was a continuous ballet happening mid-air outside. I wonder if the birds woke up in the morning and got excited just to be alive – sort of like a surfer, waking up to find the perfect wave conditions. The whole bird community was out and about in their doing their bird-idol competition. I saw eagles, osprey, hawks, crows, sparrows, swallows and many more kinds. Right, so the quail were not doing any in - air acrobatics, but they did their funny little strut all along the hedges, and even the hummingbirds were squabbling in their little cartoon chipmunk sounding little peeps over the feeder.

The crows were very interesting indeed. I often find myself drawing comparisons between certain airplanes and birds – and they made me think of a war plane of some sort. There were three of them out there, and two of them were attacking and tormenting the third. He/she was very dexterous and did some pretty cool manoeuvres like the acrobatic airplanes do, like flipping over and dive-bombing.

The swallows are so graceful and fast. They zip along up and down and along the line of the hedges, weaving in and out with each other. They make me think of a speed skating competition. Sometimes they barely miss the edge of the house!

Bad Dirt/Good Dirt
believe it or not, this is the SAME dirt - one has been improved organically!

I went with my handsome husband (I’d follow him to the ends of the earth) to do some filming about just that... earth. Dirt earth, soil. I spent the day recording the interview with a very powerful little recorder and I actually enjoyed it greatly. I learned a lot about what GOOD dirt is, compared to regular. Since this was an organic farming project, I also learned how regular soil is worked into GOOD soil.

buck, buck, BUCK!
Then I got sidetracked taking photos of the colourful chickens, and old barn building and had to be put back on track by Miles... (he 'specially hates me chattin' w/ them - maybe he's afraid I'll swap brains w/ them or something...)

Nice Nodules!

I learned what weak roots look like compared to healthy roots. Healthy roots get nice round little nodules on them. If you are an avid gardener the next photo will make you drool at the healthy nodules. I’ll fill you in on our next organic farming outing.

In the meantime, I hope you moms get celebrated, and that you celebrate your own moms too. Lets not forget all the single mom’s out there, why not reach out to one, pamper her with something nice.

Lord I pray, with all of my sisters, and brothers
For the grace to honor the glory of mothers
Like the flowers of the earth they somehow impart
The beauty of the pure love that dwells in their heart

by Michael D. Nalley

I’m so very disappointed that HELLO is going down. I still can’t actually believe that nobody received notification. Thank goodness word spreads fast in the scrapping community. So, what program will YOU be using?

I tried out a cool new slideshow beta program I had applied for. It was by invite only, so I put in my request a few weeks ago. Its pretty cool. IF you want to see it without leaving me a comment here, then go to the next sentance, but IF you want to leave me a comment (and I LOVE comments) then leave me a comment BEFORE you click the link at the end of this blog entry. And, and and... IF you watch the slideshow then you have to manually click through it, in case you don't figure that out for yourself. SOOOOO, if you would like to see how it works, you can view my little YELLOW slideshow by clicking HERE.


  1. Thanks for the heads up about Hello ..sad to see it go have a great Mother's day sis..we send our love and blessings..I know Miles will spoil you I am going to try out the slideshow

  2. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

  3. Off to check your slide show, but had to say Hi first. Signed up to Goober, but have not found you yet!

  4. Morning Barb!!!!!!
    Stopping in to TY for the AWESOME Grunge BG's at Vals!!!!!!!!!
    Not much going on!!!!!

  5. AnonymousMay 09, 2008

    Thanks very much for the rope closures and the great grungy papers addon at Val's site.

  6. Good Morning Barb:)
    Okay..wish you had put that in the beginning of your blog about waiting to click the links until after I leave a comment. I have been to Amy's and then everywhere else..and then realized I hadn't left you a comment yet.LOL I'mmmmm baccckkkk!hehe
    Guess I will start at the top and go down.:) Thank you sooo much for sharing your wonderful rope closers! How cool!
    Happy Mother's Day!! Hope it is really special for you.:)
    Thank you sooo much for sharing your grunge overlays with my striped paper and brownish paper!How cool!! I LOVE them!!!:)
    Oh..and thank you also for mentioning Christy's video.She will love that.:)
    Dh opened the windows wide this morning and I have been listening to the birds while blogging.Love Spring time.!!
    Thanks for the lesson in dirt.Dh showed that to me when he made the flower/plant beds.He would always take a trip to Lowe's garden or Pikes Nursery to get fresh dirt and mix it with the red clay we have here in Ga.:) I like your dark dirt a lot better than our red clay.Every white piece of clothing is orange when we get done working in the yard.hehe Forget it if it grow three inches from the moist clay gathering in the ruts in the bottom of your shoes.LOL Come to Georgia..grow three inches and turn orange.LORL. Now you know why I never do a self portrait.!!hehe I think I caught your funny bug this morning.:) Love the swap brains with the chickens remark!! hehe
    Okay..I had better go before I crack myself up.LOL
    Oh..before I go..I use Yahoo IM Messenger.:)

    Have a fantastic weekend!!
    Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day wishes too!!


  7. Cool rooster shot! Isn't it EASY to get side tracked ... I get side tracked my whole day long ... sometimes things don't get completed ... oops. I'm sure it has to do with menopause!

  8. Love the slideshow! the yellow flowers are BEAUTIFUL but the ones that will turn purple are amazing!! GREAT job and FUN too! Thanks soo much for the rope elements! oh and Happy early Mother's day to ya too!! :D HUGS Have a LOVELY day! :D

  9. AnonymousMay 09, 2008

    Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day weekend Barb!!! Hope it's wonderful! Mwah!
    all my love,


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