Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Here's a nice big doodley flower for you. I figured you could always shrink it down if you need it smaller. I would love to see how you use this - just email me a small size of your layout, along with credits.

Whats in a name?

I was waiting on my man, OY, he was in a MUSIC store so I always know my bumm will turn into a block of numbness when he's there. Oh yes, he always profusely assures me he's "just in for a minute" but thats the same as me saying I'll only be in the thrift for 5 minutes, it just ain't going to happen.

So, I'm always looking around. Kinda people watching. Certainly a lot more to people watching in the city than in our little town. Not more interesting, but our town is a shrunken down version of the city, there's just more action going on all the time. So I'm sitting there and I spy this sign. Now, I've learned a lot of 'rules' with my graphics. It was not so long ago my husband coached me on what makes a good/bad logo. One of the golden rules is, your logo should reflect your product/business. This leads me to ask the obvious question. What does a barcode have to do with a haircut? Are they able to scan your head in nowadays? Charge by the weight of hair that is removed? Or is it Bar code, like a drinking establishment. I don't think I'd care to find out what that might look like. Or, do they just cut in a generic style - like president's choice, but barcode instead. They DO stand out from the rest of the predictable businesses next to them, like Sleep Country (Beds), and C-lovers (Fish and Chips) - maybe thats it. Do you have a silly sign to share with me?

I'm sorry I am not sure where this picture originated.

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  1. Hello Mrs. Miles... how are you doing? I haven't seen you in such a long time. I thought I would pop in.. and there you had such a cute freebie.. thank you very much.

    That is a very strange name for a salon. I don't get it.

    Talk to you soon.. .Joy

  2. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

  3. Hello again - so weird to chat for real last night!

    I have a funny sign on my blog, from up near the cottage. You can find it on my blog post of 19 Feb 08.


  4. Good Morning Barb:)
    What a cute flower.Thank you so much for sharing it with me.:)
    I was catching up on your blog and saw that sooo yummy pie.You are just too cruel!!.LOL I haven't had breakfast yet and am anxious to hurry through your blog and get it now.:)
    I am with you..what does that barcode mean? I think I would have had to ask someone.LOL
    Dh loves Home Depot and Lowes.I could die of boredom there..he has to look at every screw in the place.LOL
    I love that church sign too..hehe Soo true!
    Have a wonderful day!


  5. Thank you so much for sharing your cute doodley flower.

  6. Thank you for sharing the OH SO CUTE flower! i still REALLY LOVE your blog! :D Thanks for sharing all that you do! LOVE IT! lol Have a WONDERFUL day! :D

  7. love the flower ..glad to here you and MIles had an awesome time down at the coast

  8. Here's a silly sighn for you, I just had to go on google images to find one lol!
    at wwww.zannel.com theres a pic of a white van advertising an air conditioning service it's called 'stiff nipples' a pretty risky name lol!
    thanks for the cute flower btw.

  9. Hi there Barb, I picked up your flower today, so thankyou for sharing it, I have done a layout and you'll find it in the DSO gallery, here's the link.


    sorry for posting it here, but i'm playing on my new laptop and haven't worked out the e.mail system, der!

    Bye for now

    lou (LouCee)


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