Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I could'nt resist sharing a few fun links with you. The following link will allow you to listen to a station I occaisionally listen to when I get tired of all the same-sounding tunes out there... its Creeeeeeepy music, from Movie Scores.

I was suggesting to a friend, that if you put this music on first, then, when you can see some older kids coming to the door for treats... then having tied a string to the door handle beforehand, and making sure its not really latched... when they reach the door pull the string and let it swing open slowwwwwwwwww and dramatically. Muahhhahahhahhaha!

To get the music, at any rate, just click HERE and choose the Creepy option!

Barb's HOWDY Bandana Element

Be nice to the young little spooks and drive carefully! Have a safe evening.

The following is a short video complilation of what our parents must have actually thought of as scary oh so long ago... now its just laughable and endearing, I am sure. Don't you just long to scream like this sometimes?


  1. BOOO!
    YEAAAAA for old scary movies!!! Oh I recognize sooo many of them LOL (showing my age now!) Have a safe and Happy Halloween and thank you so much for the rope element!!! :D

  2. Hey there girl,

    You're posting again. Two in a row. Whahoo.

    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miles. Hope you had a nice, late celebration, (darn old work anyway) and a VERY enjoyable weekend to come doing fun, fun things. D's an October baby too but October 5th.

    Still haven't looked at Photoshop Elements much yet or Corel draw ... too mind boggling. I think we need some lessons ... lucky you to have a course available to take! None available here. Maybe I should learn and then teach it!

    I'm glad to be home but somewhat newsless ... just wanted to touch base.

    Ciceroo from the central Interior!

  3. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

  4. Good Morning Barb:)
    Just a few minutes to say Hi then have to help DH with some woodwork replacement on our house.We evidently had some termites having a meal out of the frame around our external side garage door.How dare they!!:) Wonder how hungry they were? Now THAT's scary!!LOL
    Love your rope cute!I use to work for a riding stables when I was a teenager.Took trails out and led them back in...LOTS of fun.I think I only have one I will have to use ALL of your rope elements on one page.I hope the elements will get smaller okay..if will end up being a desktop for my puter.LOL
    Thank you so much for coming to see Christy and me.I LOVE your visits and I know Christy was thrilled.:)Her cookies were scary too..huh?LOL I told her she needed to put labels on them..on the peanut butter ones that look like them brain food..and the ones that look like them finger food.The toes..tofu!LOL I see that smile!!:)

    Have a great day!


  5. How was the cake surprise? Hopefully as good as it smelled! I had my mommy over for the whole day - it was fun! I'm making the invites for our coffee night today! Still not sure on the snowman craft.

  6. Hi hallo!

    I was surfing around and then found your blog. It´s really lovely. I would like to link to you. If it´s ok just leave a message in my side.

  7. Phew- had a bit of catch up reading to do-LOL, I'm alive today-hahaha-well just- but had a blast at the party. A big Happy Birthday to Mr Miles (belated I know-LOL) but I hope he had a Wonderful day!
    Love the LO you did- and the heartfelt 'journaling'! You know just how to go 'straight to the heart'-
    Just sending you lots of 'tired' squishies your way-hahahaha
    Love Me


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