Thursday, October 25, 2007

Too Nice to Drink!

My friends Roger and Marie supply me with the most interesting links and pictures... and I just had to share these coffee art pictures with you... They know I love to create, but I've never 'painted' with my coffee...

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  1. Dear Mrs. Miles,

    Where's the link? I want to see these coffee pics. D LOVES coffee and his screen saver is a coffee cup!

    Hey, you changed your format!! You've been playing you rascal. There is one blog I look at every now and again and she changes her format so regularly it's almost annoying! Other than the blogger formats I don't even know HOW to change my format.

    It's a lovely day and I must get ready so's I can get out and enjoy. Hope you are enjoying too.

    Ta, ta ...

  2. Hey, Barb, you have to take the pics out of your email and save them to your computer before youcan blog them! :giggle: Have a great day!

  3. Oh! Barb. What a lovely new Profile page you have. I have been wanting to come for a visit for a while but Mr. Employer wouldn't let me go through. I love the green and the tiny flowers. You should drop by my page and look at Juju's 2nd B-Day pics. She was adorable. Thinking of you and sending you and Miles love. Happy Special day to him as well... just in case I can't come by next week. XXX

  4. Would love to see the coffee art :D
    Did want to thank you again for that OH SOO UPLIFTING video! i watch it daily and by its end, am blubbering everytime! powerful :D Have a WONDERFUL day!


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