Tuesday, November 06, 2007

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You know, blogging comes pretty natural to me - I can usually just sit down and compose something in a short amount of time, but I feel out to sea at what to write for my sister's birthday post. See, my Sis is way younger than me - used to be I felt we were an entire generation apart even. Not to the point that she was in diapers and I in Depends, but somewhere in between that.

Time does some magical stuff, and the best thing its done is brought us together as we share 'adulthood' together. In the past decade I've come to know and love her in a whole new way, with a whole new appreciation. Whats more amazing yet, is I don't just LOVE this woman I call my sister, but I really LIKE her too!

I'm sure I was jealous of you Nina, when you were a girl... after all, I was the only girl in a family of six boys before you popped on the scene. Not only, but you were so DARN CUTE! If I think back in my mind, I always see you in that kindergarten picture with long blonde pigtails and the funny, sweet, lopsided grin. You stole my Daddy's heart - something I coveted dearly, so I'm sure in my green monster (envy) reared up. How silly silly silly of me - I missed out on so much with you. But life is lived forward, and I'm just so grateful we can make up for lost time! You're not just my sister, you're my friend.

I pray you have a wonderful day - my heart will be with you today!

Here's a little sweet thought for your day:

To be honest;
to be kind;
to earn a little
and to spend a little less;
to make, upon the whole,
a family happier for his presence;
to renounce, when that shall be necessary,
and not be embittered;
to keep a few friends,
but these without capitulation;
above all, in the same condition,
to keep friends with himself;
here is a task for all that a man has of fortitude and delicacy.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy Birthday Candy!

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Brown Branches - DCD Harvest Time Pt. 1

Happy Birthday to our Candy! You were very aptly named, as you really are a sweet person. We've always enjoyed our times with you - you have a quiet gentleness about you. There's nothing fake about you. We're wishing you the best (tho I know this is a day late) We look forward to seeing you again.

Miles Gets Spoiled!

Oh it was a surprise, alright! My man is SO HARD to sneak something on... I'd planned this little cake episode well in advance. I'd baked this huge monstrosity under the guise that I was visiting my friend Becky for a morning, and that he could not come home for lunch because we were making a mess of the place. This was on a Monday, and the potluck (where I wanted to ambush him) was on Wednesday. He thought that I was having to ride my bike into the potluck on Wednesday because he had the van, so that would have thrown him off to know I could not possibly bike a cake in... hehe...

So the cake got baked on Monday. It was a three-mix affair, two chocolate fudge, one rainbow bits. Nutella filling and peach pineapple jam for the big one. See, there were two cakes... a 'spoiler' cake to fool him, and then the big one.

Everything which COULD go wrong, DID go wrong while I was baking. My friend Becky, tho she was here while I made it, was next door for a bit, for which I am grateful for as I'm sure it resembled a cement plant over here. It was so bad that I had to completely vacuum my kitchen after - I don't know how I got so much stuff everywhere.

So I made a tiny cake - cut off the end of a slab, and decorated it special. The big cake got decorated and sent to a friends house to keep till Wednesday. On Monday's Miles practices Worship music with a friend from our church, so that night was the fooler, as we presented Miles with the miniature cake. I told him I cut the cake into portions and froze the rest so's not to wreck his waistline. So he figured that was that.

Tuesday night I quietly 'informed' people at the school that we would ambush him at the potluck and 'please, don't mention it'... which of course someone did and felt terrible. But I did a quick cover for that one too. The long and short of it is that I did manage to take him completely by surprise on Wednesday - got the monster cake in by my friend B. giving me a ride! It turned out to be a very fun time, and tho my sweety is shy and retiring, I know he was touched. Thanks to all who helped me pull this off.

PS - I could not bring myself to actually eat the monstrosity of a cake...


And, andandand... it was
KIM'S birthday too - and I'm grovelling at you my good friend. You have been so hugely awesome to me - and I still plan to do something nice for ya, but could you please move your birthday just a tad so it does not fall so close to my husband, sister and nieces? Or at least alert me a month ahead! I will find some special way to spoil you yet - I'll make you your own KIM day, k? I'm sure everybody in the scrapping universe knows it was your milestone day, but just in case not, then please hop over and leave some belated birfday hugs for my friend!


  1. Good to see the a photo of the monstrous creation that you told me about. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for enjoying my ramblings! George the cat is finally improving - he even purred while getting his injections today the vet nurse told me!

  2. Sister mine, thank you so much for the wonderful layout, the beautiful card, the fabulous homemade by you blanket and the exotic tea pot.
    Your words of love and support touch deep in my heart and I truly treasure you. Thank you for making my Birthday extra special.



  3. Barb those layouts are beautiful ..way to go girl ...Happy Birthday Nina ...

  4. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    There you are!!:) What a busy month for you..all those bdays.Our busy month is January..DH..Christy ..DH's Sister then our BIL and me.:) Right after Christmas too.My Brothers is on Christmas day.:) We do the after Christmas sales for the ones in January.Makes sense to me.:)
    Thank you so much for stopping by again.I was beginning to think I needed to change deodorants.LOL I think the busy bug has bitten us all.Got any repellant?hehe.Somehow I think the closer to Christmas the busier we will be.Am I right?
    Thanks for the rope hat...very cute!
    I just got back from lunch and shopping so am ready to sit back and relax a few minutes.
    Happy Birthday to all your family and friends.Hope they had/have a wonderful day!


  5. But oh how delicious that cake smelled when I came back into your kitchen! YUM!

    Looking forward to our visit!


  6. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at digifree.blogspot.com

  7. Barb- I want that cake- LOL- it sounds scrumpious!!! YUM! Oh girl don't feel bad- gee's my November is sooo busy with birthdays too it's scary! My sister ( who by the way is 13years YOUNGER than me) is on the 5th ( a day after mine) - my step sister on the 7th(today) and my dad is on Sunday the 11th- that excludes all my friends in between too!! Always crazy- hahahaha. But I thank you for your warm and wonderful wishes and the wonderful 'words' you left me! don't know if you would want to adopt me tho- I'm a handful! ROTFLMAO- hahhahahahaha
    Sending you HUGE HUGS and squishes

  8. Happy Birthday to all! Your surprise for Miles looks and sounds like it was a hit! Way to go on pulling it off so well! The cake looks so good i can almost smell it!! YUMM!! lol Gotta love a good surprise! Thanks so much for today's rope hat, i LOVE it!
    Have a WONDERFUL day :D

  9. your rope elements are just so creative! Thank you!!!! :)

  10. The layouts are fantastic. The first one has a lovely cartoonist look really nice and very arty. :) Thanks so much for sharing them with us.:)

    And congratulations to both your sister and your husband in their birthday. :) The surprise and the cake for your husband are wonderful and surely he enjoyed the whole thing a lot, and the cake too. LOL

    Thanks so much for everything and best wishes.:O)


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