Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dinner at Yaxin's - Part 3

We had a lovely evening at the home of our friend Yaxin tonight. Yaxin's hometown used to be Bejing, China before coming to Canada. She and her husband are wonderful, warm and interesting people to know! Tonight they taught us how to make these little savory meat and vegetable filled dumplings - which if you were to have to name them I think would be called 'Potstickers' None we've had in restaurants can compare to these though, hot out of the frying pan! Learned some new techniques and hoping to try our hand at these ourselves. They have the two cute and rambunctious little girls who kept us entertained with their antics.

Thank you Yaxin and family for a fun and relaxing (and informative) evening!

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  1. it looks like you had a WONDERFUL time with your friends!! truly looks like a warm family! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful night! :D
    Have a BEAUTIFUL day! hugs!

  2. wow ..looks awesome ..and looks like you fit right in with the family....hope you wrote down some of those recipes and hints you can teach me..hahahah...way to go sis

  3. YUM! These look so delicious. Will you be posting the recipe anytime? ;)

  4. It looks a fantastic dinner party and the food looks really good and yummy. I love Chinese food so only watching the photos it makes me hungry. LOL
    The little girls look lovely.:)

    The photos of your city now completely frozen completely put me off going to Canada this time of the year. LOL It's not even snowing here and I feel really cold outside the house, so it must really be freezing cold there. :)

    Thanks for sharing the photos with us and best wishes. :O)


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