Tuesday, October 30, 2007


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Photo Frame – KimB's Mylittleafrican

All other elements and 'stuff' – Shabby Princess's Harvest Spice

Today's blog will be brief as it's my Miles birthday today! Not that we have a day of fun and romance planned – nnnnnooo, in fact he has to work all day and evening too. Sigh. But even though, I will still have some sweet little surprises for him... pampering and such. We shall REALLY celebrate this coming weekend. We've cleared our calendars and have some special plans.

Miles, I love you more with every passing year. You make my every living moment twice as sweet for having shared all the highs and lows with you. I look forward, with anticipation, to growing old with you – for us to weather the storms and celebrate the joys which will come our way, too. Your personality and charms are ever-fresh, and your dedication to our marriage is deeper than ever. My passion for you is immeasurable. Thank you for your continous investment in me... you make me feel brilliant, beautiful, desirable. I pray the Lord allows us many more years together here on earth.

One hundred years together
Would surely be too few--
For every day--
All over again...
I fall in love with you.

Barb's HOWDY Saddle Element


I hope you enjoy this rope saddle element I've created. I've still got a few more western themed elements lined up! Still taking requests too - just leave a comment!

Playing with my newfound CorelDraw skills -
using my handsome/sweet brother as a model (tee hee!)
He's really a manly-man kinda guy...

What have I been up to lately? Well, a bit of this and that. Still working on a graphics course at the Learning Center, learning the ins and outs of Coreldraw. I'm enjoying it tremendously, too! I've been doing some designing and working out on my rowing machine as well. That is, when I'm not speed walking the rows of the orchard to keep fit. My knees have an audible crunch these days so though I am truly tempted to run, I won't. The orchard affords me some soft ground, fresh air and a wonderful ambiance to work out to. I'd rather do this than go on a treadmill any old day! I just hope I don't run into a bear/deer/tractor someday – LOL!

I recently discovered that we can actually recieve three whole channels on our tv... and on one, I can get Martha Stewart at 11:00 a.m. Sooooooo... I've thrown Oprah over for Martha for a few days... this is when I'm on the rowing machine. I did watch one Oprah when I couldn't manage to fit my workout in at 11... but her show was with Dr. Oz – all about colon cancer and other such ickies... I'll get checked ALREADY... but in the meantime I think I'll stick to watching Martha stick glittery spiders on hairbands and other life-changing craft ideas.

Working out and watching her inspired me to crack open one of her cookbooks which has been gathering dust on my bookshelf. I decided to make me some yeast breadsticks, from scratch. Now, I did follow her recipe, mostly... of course I added my own choice of Victoria Epicure spices (introduced to me by my sis, Nina) and then I had to deviate from Martha's recipe further when she called me to make little one inch balls and roll them into 16 inch sticks. Ha. I'd love to see her try that... it don't work, trust me. The lengths break into biddy pieces. So, I rolled mine out into an longish rectangle and then I cut them using a nifty roller thing I bought at the thrift ages ago. Then I twisted my sticks. I bet mine worked out better than hers. And oh yeah, Martha, I brush my dough with olive oil, and salted it before I cut, not after. So there. At any rate, mine turned out so good that Miles begged me to hide them on him so he did not eat them all at once.

I will leave you with a funny lil video I found on YouTube for my sister Nina, who loves puddies.

Hope you enjoy Sis!


  1. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at digifree.blogspot.com

  2. Happy Birthday to Miles. Great bread sticks - love delicious. Having fun at the cottage. Just finished baking with the kids. Neighbour kindly letting me share her internet access :). It's her birthday today too.

  3. Good Morning Barb:)
    Long time no see.LOL I am feeling better today so thought I would go blogging some.:)
    I love the rope saddle....your rope elements are soo cute! Thank you so much:)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILES!!:) Hope you have a great one even though you have to work.:)
    Your breadsticks look wonderful!Too good actually.LOL I haven't had breakfast yet and my tummy is growling.:)
    My DH said for us to make sure my DD's cat doesn't see that video.LOL So far she has been pretty good...so I am gonna make sure she isn't in the room when I show it to others.LOL
    Hope you have a wonderful day today.Guess I need to get the exercise bike out again.I got the okay from my Doc to do it.:)Bummers.LOL

    Great big hugs !!!


  4. Thanks for the vid sis, I bet they buy in bulk :)


  5. My DH's birthday today Too!
    thanks for the DL

  6. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER to Miles! LOVE the saddle and thank you so much for sharing! And that bread looks SCRUMCIOUS!!!! YUMMMMM!
    LOL THanks so much for sharing that video, sometimes i forget, it's NOT just MY cat! LOL
    Have a WONDERFUL day! :D

  7. Me again:)
    Thank you so much for coming by to see me..I wondered what that breeze was.LOL
    DD= Dear Daughter....if my DH baked anything..it would shock me so much..I would have to stop riding my exercise bike.LOL He only grills ..and he does a great job with that..so I will leave him alone about the baking.LOL
    Hugs again,

  8. Happy Birthday Miles ..I know you will love the surprise barb has planned ..you two have a great day ...

  9. ohhhh...I forgot ..love the layout of david ...cute

  10. Thank-you my lovely wife...my love also grows daily for you! Beautiful birthday layout! You are the Bestest in the Univertest! Always and forever, you DH

  11. Happy Happy Birthday toooo Miles!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope it was a great day even though you were stuck at work!

    Barb - we loved our tastes of those bread sticks! Thanks for having me over for a visit yesterday! Was so good to catch up!


  12. I love these rope elements! How about the word 'camp' or 'campground'?

  13. THe breadsticks sound fabulous! And thanks for the video, I just had to laugh, our cat used to do that. She has been gone for 2 years now but she was the best little cuddler ever!

  14. Happy birthday to Miles!! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating it whenever it is. :)

    And the cover magazine page looks fantastic, it´s great that you are taking those classes and learning more stuff to do in the computer. :)

    Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :O)

  15. Oh Barb- Thanks so so much for my BDAY wishes!!! I loved it!! You have such a way with words!!! Sending you big hugs and kisses! hee hee- if bumps mean banging *arses* then we do that- LOL
    Thank you again!!

  16. Cool saddle! thank you! :) these rope elements are going to make a great Frontierland page for my Walt Disney World trip! :)


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