Thursday, May 24, 2007

BARB'S 45 RECORD element & template

Firstly, thank you all SO MUCH for your wonderful comments etc yesterday. I didn't get to check my email etc. until late last night - after 10 - so I was FLOORED when I saw I had over 1000 visitors yesterday! Your comments really moved me! Please do continue to send me your suggestions for elements - some days its hard to figure out just what to make!

It was a baby shower for a friend yesterday, at our Church, and Judi (Pastor's Wife) and I hosted it. God provided a ton of beautiful fresh, pink roses (baby girl - perfect!) to decorate with. I folded the paper napkins to look like little diapers, with pins and pink beads and they looked soooo cute! I promise to post as soon as I can. Went just after lunch, did not return home till after 10... whew!

I also helped in the yard yesterday - these days are SO busy!

Today is a pot-luck at the school - Mom baked her famous chocolate cream pie (I COULD lose it along the way, hehe!) and both Mom and Dad will come to the school too. I know Miles is very proud to have them come. Also, its the photography club tonight - last one of the 6 wks) and helping Miles arrange for the class of gifted students for tomorrow's outing to the Desert Center... I will be cutting cardboard to make 'clipboards' while Miles thinks ahead to buying healthy snacks and soaking the owl pellets (pooh!) so the kids can disect them tomorrow. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I may not be around for the next day or so.

I just want to say one last thing. Its so easy, when we get busy to treat our spouses with love and patience... often the one we care most about is the one we take for granted. I can only speak personally here, but I know that when things heat up, when we have too much going on, it seems like we are politer to others. I know when Miles is under a lot of strain and we run into some bumps, when we go to get our hearts together again, often I resist. I want to hang onto my indignation for a while... which stops us from going ahead. I know God wants me to 'let go' but there's this side of me that likes to see Miles 'stew' for a while, even when I know I'm the only thing holiding us back from going ahead. Even when I know that I hold the key for him to go thru the day with a glad heart. I'm working on it. Part of me likes to cling to the hurt feeling... Please pray for me for this area - and I would love your scriptures and thoughts on this. Please pray that my love for Miles would be what God would like me to be as a Godly wife.

We are too ready to retaliate rather than to forgive or to gain by love and information. Let us, then, try what love will do: for if men do once see we love them, we should soon find they would not harm us.

- William Penn

GREAT GOD, I ask thee not for meaner pelf,
Than that I may not disappoint myself,
That in my action I may soar as high,
As I can now discern with this clear eye...
That my weak hand may equal my firm faith,
And my life practice mor than my tongue saith.

-Henry David Thoreau

The precepts of the LORD are right,
giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the LORD are radiant,
giving light to the eyes.

Psalm 19:8


  1. Thank you for the scriptures, daily, that are balm to this weary heart at the moment. They are very meaningful and timely. Your gifts of artistry are, as always, a delight to add to my collection of scrapart from talented designers. Many thanks for all your contributions to my day. :)

  2. Barb, These 45's are the cutest!! It's so funny, just last night my DH and I were talking about how the kids these days would cringe if they had to get up to adjust the rabbit ears on the tv or to change the channel!! Oh...those were the good old days! They don't even know what an 8-track player looks like....much less a 45!! You sound like a busy girl....I appreciate your sharing your designs!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Sure sounds like you have your plate full these days :)and please know i will pray for you! i havent any scriptures, but can give you something to at least think on maybe:) holding onto grudges only holds you back from spiritual growth as well as with any relationships you have :)
    ok with that said lol i have to THANK you for the oh soooo cute 45's!! i love them! i just heard a younger person talking of having a song on 'vinyl' LOL i thought to myself, you mean an album? lol
    Have a WONDERFUL day!!! HUGS :)

  4. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself and keeping busy.The napkins folded like a diaper and then pinned sounds soo cute.:)
    Thank you for the 45 records.If I look real hard..I might even be able to find a few around the house somewhere.:)I am a pack rat.If it doesn't get up and walk out the door by stays put.LOL Just kidding..I am not that bad..but I do need to go through some things and get rid of them.:)
    My DH and I fuss all the time.But most of the time it is my DH trying to get a rise out of me on he can have a good laugh at my expense..and I will rise to it every time.:) Where is he??? I want to kick his butt!!LOL
    Guess I'm not the one you should be asking for advice about this.LOL I need work in that area too.:)
    Have a fantastic evening:)

  5. Oh no, I forgot about the baby shower...even though I don't know the mom I thought I might go. Too much going on this week. I'm so zausted. Can't wait for the weekend! HUGS my friend!

  6. AnonymousMay 24, 2007

    Barb, thanks so much for the 45's. I danced many a dances spinning them on my stereo in the "good old days". LOL

    I think you are only human. I know it is sometimes hard to let things go, but I tell myself I am only hurting myself by hanging on. My hubby is a dear and so laid back, but he can pull my chain once in awhile. LOL

  7. AnonymousMay 24, 2007

    What a great element! Thanks so much.

  8. Boy I know what you are going though... I was just going through this with my sweetie.. I just didnt want to be nice to him.. what makes me do that! Hugs... Lets pray for each other.

  9. Thank you for the freebies. They are all beautiful.

  10. AnonymousMay 25, 2007

    Love the records - very cute! Thanks so much.

  11. Thanks for the records! I used to work in a record store and have a bunch of pics from back then. These will be perfect!!! Thanks for the scripture too.

  12. AnonymousMay 25, 2007

    Very original idea - thanks!!!

  13. AnonymousMay 25, 2007

    These are too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  14. cute old 45's...only you could remember and make them into elements ..way to go was chatting to you last night ya

  15. Thanks for stopping by.

    As for Sweetie Pies ... it sure doesn't work with mine for me to hold anything ... I only frustrate and hurt MY mood and self ... he justs looks at me as if to say, what IS your problem and wanders off to do his thing? So I shrug my shoulders and say, oh well. It helps that I'm a person that lives pretty much in the moment ... I get too distracted by what is happening NOW ... forget yesterday.

    One thing, it is amazing how, if you CAN leave the thing (issue), God gives the right opportunity to talk about the issue at a none threatening time ... when it is no longer a big deal to you and he is in the right frame to listen. Timing is everything!

  16. AnonymousMay 25, 2007

    Another kool freebie...Thanks for all that you do...Have a great weekend. Rosemarie

  17. HI Barb!
    Glad your life is full and busy. We'll miss you but have fun! I'll keep you in my prayers!

  18. 5-27-07
    Oh where oh where has Barb gone...oh where oh where can she be???LOL Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!!:) Miss you!


  19. Barb - Sorry I haven't stopped by since I went away...there is a lot going on. I will tell you when I see you :-) I am having surgery on the 6th and my grandmother passed away today (Memorial Day). ((hugs)) Will catch up soon.

  20. To admire your husband is one of the most powerful things you can do for him. Most men prefer to be admired to being loved. If you doubt this tell your husband that you love him and study his reaction. Then after prayerful consideration, think of something you admire about him. Say to him, "There is something about you that I truly admire." Watch his attentiveness. You will be amazed at how powerful words of admiration are to your husband. Would you consider saying to your husband tonight, "There is something about you I truly admire"? Then share it with him. Lay your discomfort aside. Swallow your pride if you need to. Ask God for a spirit of humility and sincerity. Then step out in faith and tell your husband you admire him. You can do it! And God will bless you in your efforts. (From the book The Politically Incorrect Wife by Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby)


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