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Its my 'outside yard-work' day - yippee... so I will rush thru this entry to prepare. It's looking kinda soggy outside so I'm not sure what we will wind up doing. I was at the school with Miles yesterday, teaching digital art again. My student, Jan, is really coming along - in fact I will have to feature a piece of her art soon! We are mostly using Corel Painter. My latest painting will have a 'western' feel.

OH- PHONE- GARDENING CANCELLED... looks like I'll get to vacuum, and bring the laundry in...yay!! (sure, Barb, eh?)


Paper by Anna Benjamin at
Blue Glass by Mrs. Miles at Brad by Bren Taylor-Boone at Stripy Ribbon by Wendy Page at by designing on the edge

you might want to scoot by HER BLOG to pick up this sweet flower element which she used in the vase! (thanks for sharing both your layout and freebie with us!)


Like a thing of the desert alone in its glee
I make a small home seem an empire to me.
Like a bird in the forest whose home is its nest,
My home is my all and the center of rest.
Let ambition stride over the world at a stride,
Let the restless go rolling away with the tide,
I look on Life's pleasures as follies at best,
And like sunset, feel calm when I'm going to rest.

I walk around the orchard on sweet summer eves
And rub the perfume from the blackcurrant leaves
Which like the geranium when touched leaves a smell
That lad's love and sweet briar can hardly excel;
And watch the things grow all begemed with the shower
That glitter like pearls in the sunshiney hour,
And hear the pert robin just startle a tune
To cheer the lone hedger when labour is done.

- by John Clare

We may live in a sad world, but the sad world does not have to live in us.

"So rejoice in him, all those who are his,

and shout for joy, all those who try to obey him."

Psalm 32:11 TLB


Our dear friend Alicia came to visit yesterday... we spent a good hour combing over the trails... enjoying the raindrops, like jewels on the leaves and soaking up the tranquility and solitude. Alicia is passionate about the water quality of our lake, and of getting our children involved in the beauty and preservation of this beautiful place we dwell in... so she truly could appreciate the efforts that Bonnie and Roman have gone to to keep this place beautiful for future generations. We also had a few chuckles and enjoyed a big bowl of warm turkey soup - and I'm looking forward to future visits - please bring Olivia, your sweet daughter!


I read a Family Fun magazine for you! The best thing I gleaned from it was a tip on how to make a terrific little art supply holder. You simply get a 6 hole muffin tin, 6 clear plastic disposable drinking glasses and a sheet of magnet. You trace the shape of the bottom of the glass onto the magnet and cut 6 out. Glue the magnets to the bottoms of the glasses. Now you can fill each glass with supplies eg: crayons, chalks, pastels etc... children can easily replace the cups into the muffin tin - and they won't spill over!

Today in History:

1519 - Leonardo da Vinci dies (birth date unknown)

1670 - Hudson Bay Company founded

1780 - William Herschel discovers 1st binary star - Xi Ursae Majoris

1881 - Pres Garfield assassinated

1890 - Okla Territory created

1956 - US Lab detects high-temperature microwave radiation from Venus

1968 - Israelli television begins

1986 - Transportation Expo 86 opens in Vancouver - BC

Birthdays of Interest:

1903 - Benjamin Spock, pediatrician

1904 - Bing Crosby, crooner actor (Going My Way)



Hey, its a rainy, gloomy day, so what does one do? Me, I think it might be fun to eat shrimp! The following is a site dedicated to nothing more than this yummy subject!



  1. TY so very much for another beautiful addition to your kit!!

  2. another wonderfully informative and fun blog entry and thank you for the awesome freebie!!! have a great day :)

  3. love it ...can't wait to get over there for a visit ...soooonnnnn

  4. I have shrimp in the freezer. Thanks for the hint! I will defrost them now. Maybe shrimp stir-fry...

    Thanks for highlighting the LO!

  5. I have shrimp in the freezer. Thanks for the hint! I will defrost them now. Maybe shrimp stir-fry...

    Thanks for highlighting the LO!

  6. Hi Barb - ((hugs)) Aj is home from hospital - finally!! Thank you so much for your prayers and support! Came home the other day so now it's a mad rush to pack for our vacation..he still wants to go :-) Wish me luck...if I don't get a chance to chat I leave I will see you when I get back!

  7. Love today's download - but then I love all things blue - fab candle and lovely doile. The blue glass items you shared with us recently are very similiar to Bristol Blue Glass. We lived in Bristol for a year - and were given some as a present when we left.
    I checked out Becky's link - thanks. I heard in church about those killed in Turkey.
    Plan to do a house/home layout soon - so you may see the house - it is red brick and modern though - only window frames etc being painted.
    Thanks again

  8. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Seems we are always in a hurry to get somewhere else.LOL
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful designs with me.I love this kit:)
    Thank you also for the many many times you have come to see me and left such a sweet comment.:)

    Have a wonderful rest of the day!!


  9. You're trying to kill me! LOL, sorry I'm allergic to shrip so I can't eat them without then having a fun ride to the emergency room directly after. I love the odds and ends portion of the kit today, TFS! Lovely quotes, and poems as always. Your blog always makes me smile by the time I reach the bottom.

  10. AnonymousMay 02, 2007

    Loving all the blue and the tip for the craft supplies sounds neet. Have to try that for the grandkids. Thanks Barb

  11. Hi Barb -- thank you so much for your condolences on losing my special sweet kitty, and the special poem -- it means a lot and touched me so. Thanks for your kindness.

  12. I absolutely love doily! Too cute! Thanks so much for sharing!~

  13. Thanks for the "odds and ends". And the shrimp link, and poem, and didn't know they make those Canadian goose houses! Also so interesting! :)


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