Thursday, March 02, 2006


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My dear friend and nieghbor Amalia has asked me to create a card for her niece. Her niece is turning 15, and it is a BIG deal! Amalia gave me a greeting card to use as a reference - mostly to show me the style of dress she wanted. The dress in the original is a bit more elaborate, and it was lilac - the niece wanted 'electric' blue. It was also fun fitting the dress onto her image! These invitations will be mailed to our UPS store to be printed. I am not doing this for money - just as a personal favor.
The papers used on this invitation are from the hawtstuffminikit by ali at

I had a funny thing happen the other day while Miles and I were shopping for groceries. We were at the till with a huge load of groceries. I noticed that I had not picked up rice so Miles encouraged me to run and get it while the rest of the items were being rung through. I rushed off down the aisles like a mouse after cheese. Halfway down a lengthly aisle I brushed by a cart to avoid a display set out partially in my way. I guess as I swept by, an elastic from the bottom of my winter coat snagged the cart and I began pulling it with me! Imagine the surprise on the face of the carts owner. I hastily unhooked and returned to the laughing man. I retrieved the rice and headed back for the till and Miles (waiting patiently). As I came near the same man in another area of the store on my trek back, he quickly moved his cart FAR off to the side with a smile and a wink.

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