Friday, March 24, 2006


Valerie sent me the following email this morning:

Some Neato News!Mar. 23rd, 2006 10:19 pmmood: happy happy

We got a call from the hospital that Justin purposefully responded to some commands this morning! The doctor asked him to open his eyes, and he did.She asked him to stick out his tongue, and he did. She asked him to nod"yes", and he did! A close friend to the family had stopped by this morningand the doctor called them in to see if Justin would respond to theircommands. He looked over when they asked if he could hear them, and triedhis best to squeeze (he wiggled his fingers lightly) when he was asked to squeeze their hand!I am sure you can all imagine how excited we were to get the news this morning! Of course, this is not to say that he will always respond to commands from now on.
He was more out of it this afternoon and his healing process will still have its up and down days. And, although this is such an incredible baby-step in the -right- direction for Justin, it's still an uphill climb and a long road ahead for all of us. It's just that little ray of hope... What a gift today!
Please keep Justin in your thoughts and prayers, and thank you again for being there for all of us.
Valérie :)

And what is new in the Mr and Mrs. Miles household?

On a very sad note - our friend Val Scheer passed away on Tuesday after a long, brave battle with cancer. Val was a student at the Learning Center - she should have graduated this year. Unfortunately we did not see Val in the hospital before she slipped away, and for that we are very sad. I keep saying "If only" but cannot change the fact. Why do we wait, letting life's little details get in the way?

Yesterday we had to go back up to Kelowna! Miles computer has been crashing on a regular basis lately and it finally was crashing so frequently there was more time it was crashed than working. He'd tried everything to solve the problem, but in the end realized it was beyond us. We took the computer up to Kelowna and dropped it off yesterday. Bonus: we had a visit with our daughter Melanie and found an exceptional bakery. We also stopped at Welkmart - a variety store with a funky feel, where I stocked up on the little essentials of life: eg: cottage candles, blank greeting cards and an exquisite minature rose.

This week has not been anything like what we had visioned it would be, but in hindsite we can see why its better (thank you, Lord! Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.) As Miles says, if we were at the cabin we were supposed to have, he would not be able to compose his music, which was a thing he was desiring to do; the computer would not have gotten in to be fixed. And... we would not have our shiny new bikes.

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