Tuesday, March 28, 2006


It came to my attention through a sweet friend that my blog is a tad hard to read because the font is so small. I not only hear you, but I also am here to ejumakate you on how to make it bigger on your own computer! I know that I could choose to make the type larger to start, but then it takes up a ton of room, so I hope you forgive my selfishness in this area. So, the solution:

On the top menu bar of your internet browser, go to View, choose Text Size and then choose either larger or largest! Its this simple!

We had a good soak in the night, which I fully anticipated seeing as how I went out with the watering can yesterday and gave my tiny little garden it's first drink, and also hung out a big batch of sheets and towels.

I spent Monday getting caught up on chores around the house. It seemed so quiet with my sweet husband back at school. I know it sounds corny and impossible in this day and age, but he's truly my best friend and I actually enjoy spending time together more than anything else. I get very cranky with him the day before he goes back to school after any kind of an extended time off. It took me quite a while to figure out it was a self protection device of my own that I developed to make that seperation easier for him...I guess somehow in my convoluted thinking he would be glad to get back to school...lol. I must run as I have my friend Janice and her sweet boys coming, bread rising and must change out of my pajamas - well I don't HAVE to but I would look funny downtown, no?


  1. Hi girl! I hope you are having a great time w/ your friend today!~G

  2. have a great day ...give that friend of yours a hug from us...jud


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