Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Miles invited me along with him to work today. He had to work over in Keremeos, a small community about 45 minutes east of us. He teaches at Learning Centers and I often come to work with him. The Learning Center is very dear to my heart as I graduated from a learning center not so long ago. At the age of 43 I graduated with a full Dogwood Certificate - a day before our daughter graduated from her high school. The Learning Center is a wonderful inspirational place to be!

After graduating I still volunteer my time when I can be of help. I love to help people get started using the graphics tablets and painting software and to see the wonder they experience with what technology has to offer in this way. I also love to introduce folks to digital scrapbooking. People really catch onto the software when they 'scrap' on the computer because they are so involved emotionally with what they are creating, that learning seems to be a secondary thing!

Anyways, I am so blessed to do what I love to do - and be with my dear Husband as well. What more could I ask for? This morning before we left to drive over to Keremeos Miles stopped in at the wonderful little bakery we have here called "O'Delights" run by a sweet oriental couple (see my earlier blog on Dim Sum)...and he bought me this adorable little bird-nest merangue cookie! I hardly wanted to eat it - but of COURSE I did!

When we got home I went to the local thrift store and found a nifty little device for cleaning my mini blinds. I HATE CLEANING THEM! But this little machine is very cool. It is about 6 inches wide and has 'fingers' covered with sheepskin. You lace the slats in between the fingers and brush it back and forth. Works great - especially for 50 cents.

I also picked up some veggies and made a HUMUNGOUS pot of beef veggie soup and homemade buns because Miles rates my soup top of his personal favorites list. We will be able to feed off it for the next few days. The soup turned out very tasty...but I always add far too many noodles. I will have to 'water' it down before serving it to guests.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Melanie if you read this....Mermy wishes she could shove a bun through the internet to you...when we come to visit meybe we will bring you a big ball of dough! :)

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