Monday, March 20, 2006


We had our day planned.

Miles got up early and worked out. He came home and we got ready to go downtown as I had an appointment. When we opened the door to our courtesy car we realized there were neat little piles of the car's contents stacked on various seats. The car had been broken into during the night and the vandal had thouroughly sorted through it. He/she must have taken their time as everything was left very tidy. I must confess it upset me. See, we had made plans to go away over this week for a romantic little getaway, but I'm not feeling so comfortable leaving home now. Our landlords will return from the south soon and we will be able to go away without worries in the future. Originally we had use of a cabin for this week, however when we went to get the key we found out the cabin is completely snowed in and there is no way our vehicle would make it in!

We went downtown, and after my appointment we went to the O'Delights bakery for a snack. We parked just beside and behind the restaurant on the same block. We exited the car, walked up to main street, crossed over and did some banking. Then, we crossed back over the road and went to the restaurant. We had a delicous snack and returned to our car. NO KEY!

We searched our pockets. We searched our pockets twice. We retraced our steps to the bank and checked inside. We crossed back to the restaurant and checked there. NO KEY! We went back to the car. We checked our pockets twice more. We went back to the bank and had them check the trash. We went back to the restaurant. NO KEY! We went to the locksmith, ironically 2 doors down and were informed it would cost $100 to get a key made. I returned to the restaurant and I meticulously went through the *ugh* trash while Miles went to the school (had those keys on a different ring) and called the service station who loaned us the courtesy car. NO KEY!

In the end we called BCAA and had ourselves towed all the way up to Summerland (1.5 hrs) where we got our sweet van back again. Our mechanic told us not to worry, if the key did not turn up, or if they could not find a second one, they would throw another ignition into the courtesy no cost. Wow, thats service.

The van runs beautifully!

At this point we faced the reality our romantic getaway was going to take on an entire different meaning. After a deep discussion we have decided to stay home (but we are NOT answering phones) where we will be cozy and Miles can play and record music for one entire day. And...we decided to invest the money it would have cost to get away into new bikes for ourselves. I'd noticed Canadian Tire and WalMart both had bikes on, so we went to both places. Canadian Tire won hands down. We got a TERRIFIC deal on them. We will be whizzing around this week, should be fun.

I hope your Monday was less eventful than ours. :)


  1. Glad to know you have your van back .. did the vandal steel something from your car ? I get very upset when things like that happens...It's like braking into Your personnal bubble... Hugs. XXX

  2. OH MY WORD girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a day you had!


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