Saturday, March 04, 2006


Click on pictures for a bigger view!
Our local art gallery and our Painters and Potters - known formally as Studio89, opened our own show this evening, titled "My Favorite Things"
The show is a loving effort of many of our members. One cannot appreciate the planning and effort involved in organizing and 'hanging' a show! This particular show was 'hung' by Mina Battigan and Bobbie Mortensen who did a 'bang up' job - (kidding ladies, it looks wonderful!) Behind the scenes are many others who help and turn out to make visitors feel warm and welcome. What a talented bunch we have! By the way, the food was superb, thanks to all who contributed.
In the pictures you may see my dearest Husband (in the red shirt) whom I had to sneak up on to get his photo. He is standing with Barb and Paul Hofer. Barb is one of our talented artists. Another photo features our dear friend Alison - NO, she did not paint the pears - they ARE lovely, are'nt they. (you are too, Ali!)
I am not sure who all else is in the pictures, though I think I see Annie Molenkamp in an intense conversation with another visitor by some pottery. Please forgive me if I'm misnaming anyone, or missing out on someone.
We stayed for about 1/2 hour, just long enough to keep breathing, after all it was so well attended it was almost belly-to-belly in there! Our Gallery does not seem so small until you put so many people inside.
I just want to say that I am moved to be part of such a talented, warm and generous group of people! I look forward to many more openings in our future.


  1. Loved to see Alison did an awesome job .....way to go girl

  2. Had a wonderful time Barb and Miles.
    Such talent. Great blog.


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