Thursday, March 09, 2006


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I had a wonderful day today! Thats in spite of myself, actually... I was chatting with my friend Sonya this morning and I told her I was not completely sure that I wanted to paint today. But, the day moved on disregarding my negative feelings and it seemed like no time at all had passed and here I was smack in the middle of a great painting session. Janice came first, with her sweet boys, then Rose (the one with the georgeous red hair!) We painted all afternoon and the time simply flew by! I knew that when Janice's lil guy came back from pre-school the paintbrushes and paints would be a huge temptation so I diverted the children's attention with a big play-doh kit I'd picked up from the thrift store a while back. What a big oopsie! I'm still picking play-doh out of the fibres...
My painting is mainly a watercolor but I have to class it as a mixed media as I used a few dabs of guache as well. The title is 'broken' and the idea was given to me last week. It is meant to signify that no matter what our circumstance, God has His hand on us. I put the vessel in - broken - like we are inside sometimes, a cross - where He has already taken our sins for us, and His shed blood (top right hand corner) I hope you like it - would love your feedback!

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  1. Incredible Barb. I don't know what else to say, truly incredible!


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