Monday, June 02, 2014

Case This Sketch #78 Card

I’m on a roll.   Nooooo, not a dinner roll, nor do I have an inch or two extra body fat muffining, rather I am enjoying a series of enjoyable and successful card making sessions so I’m going to go at it until I fall over, run out of supplies or all my creative juices are sucked outta me.  And because I get to post with my sister Nina and SIL Judy too.  How can you beat that? Its a family thing.

Case This Sketch #78

I thought this looked interesting and it turned out fine.  I rotated the sketch totally 180 for my own project.


I really wish I could tell you which designer paper this is but it was a random bit from my leftovers bin.  I matched it up with a nice frame set from the Silhouette online store


My three “lines” are actually bits of rick rack and edging from my sewing kit.  The ones underneath are laid plain sides in, then glued and when that was dry I added the brown rick-rack. 



Today’s small thing is a pretty tree sparrow I managed to stand still enough to take a picture of.  Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful and oh so colourful, love it Sis.

  2. Awesome job on your pretty card! :) When I saw the sketch and read that you turned it around..was wondering what you did with the squiggle lines. I should have known that you would think of something COOL! :)

    Today is Beau's birthday and I made a card for him. Yeah...I actually made a card again!! Thank the Lord for word art stickers!! LOL


  3. great card love the colors nailed the challenge. It was fun to do a night of family creating.

  4. Oh, this is so pretty! Wonderful take on the sketch!


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