Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Card Concept No. 4 - “Floral” and a FREE .studio tag cut

I grazed some of the challenges out there on offer and decided it would be so nice to see some flowers about now (as its snoooooowing again, outside, today) 

The Card Concept No. 4 - “Use a Floral Theme”

I chose to make a card that has resided only in my head until now:


This picture really does not really show how sweet this card is. 


The bouquet of “nail polish flowers” (read THIS post to find out more) are tucked intoa wrapper of vellum and cotton (from a cut up dress from the summer) and finished up with a teeny rhinestone for the centers. 



I chose to leave the background white but to emboss it.  I bound  the bouquet with a bit of crochet cotton and balanced it with a sweet tag cut and stamped with a little sentiment.  I’m giving you the cut for this teeny tiny tag (aprox 1.5 inches wide) along with two slightly larger increments (while keeping the hole nice and small, perfect for twine or crochet cotton)

Simple off-kilter little tag

(set of 3)



It seems that Ge.tt is no longer working (this is where I have been linking to all of my free files)  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  I will change all my free files over to my Google Drive account over the coming weeks.  Thanks for your patience. 


  1. love the flowers you are so creative ....your card is beautiful ..love it.
    Thanks for sharing ...I must give those flowers a try .

  2. Very pretty and such a soothing card after all the snow and ice.

    The embossing folder is just perfect for flowers. What is the name of the folder?

  3. How PRETTY! LOVE IT! :) LOVE the embossing..it really sets the background for your LOVELY flowers and tag.:)


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