Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Family and Friends and Happy Holiday Weekend

Barry and Judy
Valinda and Jim
Congratulations to both “sets of you”!    Both Judy and Valinda have blogs so if you feel the urge to go visit and wish congrats them yourself!  Judy has posted today with a special bouquet you must see!

In honour of this momentous and romantic celebration I’ve created another design for YOU!   I made this sweet fish which I then had (of course – keeping with my trying to make an original card every day) to make a card to show how this design might look on YOUR own card. 
First I cut out my fish using the design I will post at the end of this ramble.  I can’t say I’d pick the same paper for the fish next time but I’m not entirely displeased with it and it at least gives me (and better yet YOU) some good ideas.  I don’t know what brand of papers these are, just remnants I had around.  The red paper for the lips, tail and fin are a nice shiny red – hard to appreciate in my photo.
I cut the top and bottom papers out using a scallop edge and then brushing the edges with some ink from Michaels in a hot pink.
I cut the “bubbles out of patterned cardstock paper and then dusted them with clear glitter.  I harvested the feminine googly eye from an old greeting card (the ladies at the local thrift store collect and save them for me!)   My original download file for YOU does have an eye included though.
I made my own little fish hook and fishing line using two different wires.  The thicker wire is just a plain one for jewellery and the red “line” is thin wire I bought at the dollar store.  They come in very pretty and useful colors. 


I've entered my tiny hook and line into the "I Was Caught" post at My {re}purposed life today - why not wander over there too - some terrific ideas [including some for Silhoutte SD]
So now I’m offering this design here for YOU as a free download both in PNG format, layered PSD and .studio file (specifically for Silhouette SD)  to use as you wish – the only stipulation being you must credit me and and link back to my blog.  Please do not share the download link, rather have your friends come here and download them for themselves (and I’d love a comment!)  If you use my designs for a project, why not send me a jpg and I’ll feature you
Just click on the preview below to be taken to the download for the zipped file for all three file types (I’ll also post the plain .studio file under the Silhouette tab, top of the blog) as well as in the Vault.


  1. super cute, thank you! And I love how you added the 'real' fish hook, it looks great :)

    -rachel w k

  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2011

    This is adorable sweet. I love the sexy fish eyes :). Love the hook too. Cool! :)

  3. thank you so much ...he's a cutey ...will have to see what I can do with him .. have a great long weekend.


  4. SWEET!! Thank you so much for your Anniversary wishes!! I didn't make it here yesterday...but soo appreciate your mentioning it on your blog.:)
    Happy Anniversary to Judy and Barry from me too!:)I have been to Judy's blog and commented about it already this morning.:)
    I LOVE your card.Love the way you made waves with the paper and your fishy is ADORABLE!! Your bubbles look great! NEAT hook and line too...and thanks so much for sharing your fishy template with me too!!
    I can tell you are LOVIN your new machine! I can hardly wait to get mine!!:)Now..if I could find some time..that would be wonderful!!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend...and thanks again for your Anniversary wishes.:)


  5. aThank you so much for this wonderful freebie!
    from Angelika from


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