Friday, July 08, 2011

A Card for Seb's Mechanics & more FREEBIES added to "The Vault"

Most of you who are regulars to my blog know that we have a VW Vanagon and we ♥ it to bits.  It is not only our vehicle but it is our "home away from home" when life bites and when we vacation.  This is our second van, and this second one I picked out myself in 2008 for my birthday present:

Oh what a happy day that was!  At any rate, we have always "named" our vehicles and so this is Seb - short for Sebastian who was a famous Italian explorer and cartographer. 

We try to take very good care of Seb, so we take him in to get some TLC each year before summer.  Our mechanics specialize in VW's and are sooooo nice too, so we always do something nice for them when we pay the bill.  This time I made an extra special card for the people at the auto place to go along with their do-nuts: 

('scuze my finger holding it together)
This is a 5.5 inch card

The transparent road map panels on the sides came from
Making Memories - [clear creations] TRAVEL set

I love the little hunk of brown textured paper under the Thanks sentiment,
I just had a scrap of it.  Its almost plastic feel but I think it just finished
the card off perfectly! 


I added 5 more personal use products into "The Vault" {click the tab at the top of this page that says "Mrs Miles...}  They are as follows:

  • Heart Music (mini kit)
  • Holly Wreath
  • Howdy (rope words)
  • Howdy Frames (rope )
  • Howdy Knots (rope)

Enjoy - and a little comment would sure go a loooooong way to make more additions possible! *wink*


  1. love the card Barb ...what an awesome job. Yes little Seb does get you guys around and keeps on giving he loves his tune-ups. Thanks for posting more to the vault you SIL


  2. My husband would love this card (him being a mechanic). You are very talented B! I´m sure you are getting ready for a trip, eh?

  3. Good evening Barb.:)
    I LOVE your card!!! Totally AWESOME! You are soo talented.:)
    I remember when you got Seb!! Such a happy day for you!:)
    Thank you sooo much for sharing your GORGEOUS stamp with me.WOW!
    Now to make sure I get to Nina's before I have to add belated anniversary wishes.:)

    Huge hugs and LOTS of love,

  4. That is a great card...and well so fitting for your mechanic.
    Great job!

    Thank you so much for my pretty flowers :)

  5. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    Hi Barb,
    I e-mailed you a while back and I don't think you got it...because i haven't heard from you yet.
    I miss you and would love even a phone conversation before you head south for the summer.
    hope everything is really good with you and Miles...
    Love Angie


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