Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pretty Kits, My Outdoor Treadmill, and a Painting

I have two KB's in my life. They are both talented designers - Kristin Cronin-Barrow and KimB. Now that I've finally finished my big project I'm finding a wee bit of time to actually play with some of their AMAZING products. So the next week will be Show and Tell of my friend's kits - I'm going to PLAY!

But, I think I will start today with my friend Kristin's kit, and then I will brag on KimB in the coming week. BUT - don't let that stop you from shopping at KimB's for she has some INCREDIBLE commercial use items up for grabs and I am having a little bird whisper in my ear that she might have a VERY amazing kit launching next week. Oooolala! Can't hardly wait! Click on the graphic of Kim's Commercial use graphic and you will be zoomed to her blog where you can see all the fun she's been up to and order yourself up some of her goodies! Her Anniversary grab bag is only on sale for one more day! You can also click HERE to be taken directly to the DSO store and buy instantly (instant gratification LOL!)


So, Kristin and I were talking about Spring (and her lack of it in her ccccold, freezing little corner of the world) and we got onto the idea of Gardening and then next thing ... she's created an AMAZING new kit! Its simply adorable, perfect for your green thumbed friends or children too. Its chock full of veggies and flowers and all the tools you need to grow some smiles with the layouts you'll create with her Happy Garden kit. The textures are so rich you'll find yourself reaching out to touch them!


You'll find yourself wanting to "plant" a ton of wonderful digi-scrapping and hybrid projects using this colourful and fun kit, in fact... if you buy before the end of this week, you will also receive a FREE printable seed packet - and a template!


Just click on the graphics to be taken right to the Sweet Shoppe where you can buy these lovely items... with spring happening you'll be set to capture those gardening layouts!


In fact I decided to plant these two little lovelies in a layout right away. These are my friends Amy and Amber who visited recently.



And speaking of spring - and gardens - and ... orchards - I've turned to the orchard as my outdoor treadmill. With being inside so much these past months due to the project and icky weather, its a pleasure to be out of doors. I don't particularly enjoy going to the gym, and don't so much like walking on the hard pavement due to it being hard on my knees, so the orchard is a wonderful solution. I load up a podcast or two on my ipod and away I go, up and down the rows, like laps! Its a wonderful, relaxing time that takes a few hours and gets me in shape and outdoor!



And now my project is complete... my friend Rose came over and spent an ENTIRE day with me, yesterday. We cracked out the art supplies and there was paint (and sugar - but that's another story altogether) splashing everywhere. I'd begun this painting of a rooster a month ago, but I was NOT happy with it. In fact, when Rose arrived I'd plans to rip the rooster out from it's background and glue it onto another paper and start again... but Rose convinced me to keep pressing on. And so I did. I don't LOVE it, but I can live with it. It's a watercolour with pen and ink.


And on the subject of paintings, I was visiting my friend Cicero yesterday on her blog and she's got a LOVELY painting posted - and SHE'S in it! Its very beautiful!

Well, its off to the orchard for me - I hope you all have a great week. Stay tuned here for some layouts made with Kim's (bird whispering in my ear) kit very soon!


  1. Very cute seed packet.

    Love your outdoor treadmill!

    Beautiful rooster - glad yoy persisted with it - it looks splendid :)

  2. Why aren´t you happy with your painting!? It is so beautiful and I love the colors!
    Your outdoor treadmill sounds great too. I bet the fresh air does wonders to the soul as well!
    I hope we get to hear about your project. Sounds like you had a lot of work with it!

  3. I love your painting. I think it's beautiful!

    I've been exercising more lately too. But I love the idea of your outdoor treadmill a whole lot better. Sounds inviting!

  4. Barb, your rooster painting is wonderful, it reminds me of the goodluck roosters of portugal, bright and cheery.

    The outdoors treadmill is a blast, I do the same except it's a hay field, at the moment full of cow patties, so it's also an obstacle

  5. your painting looks fabulous to me Barb, i love the background.
    So glad you are enjoying the orchard, what a cool way to get excercise!
    wonder if we get to see snippings of your finished project!

  6. that kit is ADORABLE!! LOVE your layout too! :)
    oh my goodness, to be able to walk in the orchard rows!! how COOL! i don't think you could find a better treadmill!!!! :) AND you get the chance to take GREAT photos while working out!! absolutely WONDERFUL!!
    You got TALENT girlfriend! i think you did an AWESOME job with your rooster!!! Thank you so much for ALL that you share! heading over to see Cicero's now! Have a FANTASTIC day! :)

  7. Hello girlfriend.. I love your rooster... silly girl.. you are so talented, but we are always critical of ourselves aren't we.

    What fun running through the orchards. what podcasts do you download?

    Hugs... Joy

  8. wow the layout and yes I have gotten KimB grab bag just need some ideas to use them for the seed package idea ..and Barb the Rooster painting is awesome girl ...nice to see you back painting ...

  9. OOOOOOHHHH Mrs Miles your painting is STUNNING!!! Just love the vibrant feel created with the colours, GORGEOUS!!!! And your friend Kirstin's garden kit is wonderful!! Would love to see some more of your paintings hint hint:)

  10. What a wonderful painting! That's just gorgeous! You have such a flair for colors. Will we be seeing more of your paintings?

    And I really like that kit! Thanks for the link. Gotta go check it out!

  11. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Just thought I would pop in to see how you are doing.:) Your painting is fantastic! I don't see ANYTHING not to love about it.:)
    Your trips through the orchard sound wonderful and soo peaceful too.:)Glad you found a way to get two things done at once.Exercise and relaxing.:)
    I LOVE your layout too.How fun!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!

    Love and hugs,

  12. Morning Barb!!!!!!
    I'm still kicking just been pretty sick & not on the computer very much!!!!!!!!!!
    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Good Morning Barb!!
    Happy NSD my friend!! Bet I know what you will be doing today.hehe.Slow down when you start to smell the puter smokin!!LOL

    Have a fantastic weekend!!

    Love and hugs,

  14. I love your rooster and what a gorgeous stained glass window that would make! Thanks for commenting on my blog!


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